How you can Change Bank in Cash App – Step-by-Step Guide

Change Bank in Cash app

Mobile payment apps are an essential part of our financial lives in this digital age. Cash App is also one of them which allows us to send and receive money, pay bills or invest in stocks.

But, if you want to change your bank in Cash App for any reason, like for more benefits or better services, you can change your connected bank.

In this post, we will tell you all the processes to change your bank in Cash App in an easy and secure way.

Steps to Change Bank in Cash App

Make sure you have a good reason to change banks and check carefully, like fees, customer support, interest rates and additional services offered by the new bank.

  • First, open your cash app and tap on “Cash Balance” at the bottom left corner of the mobile screen.
  • Scroll down, and select the “Linked Accounts” tab on the next page.
  • You will get your bank account along with the last 3 digits of the account number. Also, if you have debit and credit cards then these options will appear.
  • To change the bank account, tap on the Accounts tab, scroll down and select Replace Account.
  • Now, you can link your Bank account with your Username and Password. So, tap on Continue at the bottom of the page.
  • You will find many banks on the next page and select one of them which has the account you want to add to the Cash App. If you cannot find your bank then you can search.
  • Now, select your Bank and enter your username and password and Tap Submit. On submission, the process will be completed successfully.

In this way, you can successfully add a new bank by replacing your old bank in Cash App.

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Can I link my Cash App with another bank account?

You can easily link your other bank account to Cash App.

How to remove a bank account from Cash App?

It’s very simple, you need to select the Remove Bank option on the Cash App account page.

How many banks can I add to Cash App?

You can add/link only one bank, one debit card and one credit card in Cash App.


Changing bank in Cash App is actually quite simple and you can easily change your bank without any hindrance by following the above step-by-step instructions. You can avail of all the services with the ease of Cash App along with your new bank change.

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