Cash App Payment Pending – Why does this happen?

This mostly indicates that there will be a technical issue with the issuer’s Cash App or with the recipient’s account. If problems are like a poor network or technical issues, it shows Payment Pending. In this case, the amount will be debited and it will take time to get credited to the recipient’s account in 3 business days. However, if there is an insufficient amount in the Cash App, the debit will not take place.

So, the payment pending status shows that the payee has not received the payment, but, has been deducted from the issuer’s account. Here, the recipient must wait for the solution for some time till the problem is resolved. If it is debited from your account and failed, it will be credited to your bank account within 1 to 3 business days.

You will notice that most of the time the amount is cancelled due to security issues in the Cash App, but sometimes it may get delayed. Hence, pending payment is a rare case and most of the time it is prevented by Cash App without showing any pending status.

Another message that shows, the pending payment of Cash App will be credited within a short period. Here, it indicates that the problem is on the server which is not responding simultaneously. In this case, the transaction amount gets stuck and is not received by the recipient.

Whatever is, here are the main top 6 reasons which are likely to lead to payment pending status. Hence, a user can easily avoid this problem by knowing these issues before proceeding further.

Why does Cash App show payment pending?

Cash App has seven million active users and is one of the leading mobile payment applications in the USA and UK. In a few years, I think this app was launched in 2018 since then this app is very popular among users for online bill payment, money transfers and more.

However, despite it being very popular, we sometimes get some issues appearing during money transfers. This does not happen directly from the Cash App, there are many other technical issues that cause this problem. Cash App works similarly to Google Pay, PhonePe and other Payment Apps.

Payment pending in Cash App is not a new issue, it also happens in other payment apps. This may seem like a big problem to a new user, but in fact, it is not. Here are the top 6 main reasons that show the message, “Payment Pending” during a money transfer.

  • Insufficient Funds/Expired debit card
  • Poor Network Connection
  • Outdated Cash App
  • Recipient Account in Maintenance mode
  • Virus in a mobile
  • Location issues

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Insufficient Funds/Expired debit card

If we proceed to transfer money to any account, there must be the availability of funds in your account. Otherwise, for insufficient funds in your Cash app account, it may show payment is pending. In rare cases, it shows pending, but most of the time it will not proceed due to insufficient funds.

Similarly, for your expired debit card, it may happen with your Cash app. So, check that all the functions are working properly before proceeding.

Poor Network Connection

This is one of the main reasons for showing pending status in the Cash App. When you are proceeding to transfer money to someone, it requires a proper internet connection. If there is a network drop issue during the process, it can be a big reason for showing Pending status.

Outdated Cash App

Any outdated application does not work properly, even if it is a Cash app. So, if you don’t update your Cash app then it may show a technical error. Therefore, update your application and ensure that you have a sufficient balance in your Cash app.

Recipient Account in Maintenance mode

If you are going to transfer money to someone’s account, unfortunately, that account is in maintenance mode then it will show the pending payment. The amount will be credited only after the account is in active mode.

Virus in a mobile

This is also another issue, which can cause problems. Because Cash App does not allow any virus-affected handset for transactions.

Location issues

Cash App only works in the USA and UK, and there are no fees for sending or requesting money. But, if you accidentally send money to your friends in other countries, it may show location issues or other.

Q: Which Cards does Cash App Support?

A: Cash App supports all these debit and credit cards which are from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Q: What is Cash App Payment Pending?

Q: There are many reasons that show payment pending in the Cash App. Such as network issues, insufficient funds, technical issues, etc.

Q: What types of cards does Cash App not support?

A: Currently, ATM cards, PayPal and business debit cards are not supported.


Cash App has millions of active users and is one of the leading mobile payment applications in the USA and UK. This app works like Google Pay and PhonePe application and is very popular among users. Hence, due to technical issues sometimes a message shows a pending amount, which is not an error in Cash App.

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