How to Find the ZIP Code on a Debit Card?

A zip code is issued on the debit card along with the billing address of the users during the issuance of the debit card. This zip code contains a five-digit security code that verifies the user. This is required for users, as they are asked to enter a zip code on the online bill.

In some cases, users will also have to enter their four-digit PIN beside their debit card zip code. This is a five-digit code called debit/credit card zip code, also known as postal code, postcode, or billing zip code.

It does not print on a debit card directly, but you must know your zip code during certain transactions. The address you provided for the bank for the savings account will have a zip code, which will be linked to your debit card.

Therefore, one should know that it is essential for online shopping and also provides security to prevent fraud. But, if you do not know or forget your ZIP code, this article will help you find your ZIP code on your debit card.

What is a Debit Card Billing ZIP Code?

A debit card zip code or billing zip code is a code that is associated with your billing address. This zip code is used not only for bills but also for mailing credit or debit card-related information to your address.

Furthermore, it is also used for security reasons in many cases when you order online or in other ways. Sometimes, it is also used to verify for self-identification to complete the transaction.

ZIP Code Vs Postal Code on a Debit Card

When entering address information for a debit card, it asks you to provide a Zip code (USA) or a Postal code (in other countries) associated with the card’s billing address.

ZIP CodePostal Code
ZIP codes are primarily used in the US
and are a system of postal codes used by the
US Postal Service (USPS)
to deliver mail efficiently.
Postal code is a more general term
used to organize mail delivery
in many countries around
the world.
A ZIP code consists of five digits
(ZIP+4 (four additional digits)
and is used to identify specific
geo-areas for delivery purposes.
Different countries have
different formats for
postal codes. In Canada,
postal code is a six-character
alphanumeric code. Whereas in the
UK, postal codes are known as
“postcodes” are alphanumeric

Note: Both ZIP codes and postal codes used on debit cards serve the same purpose of identifying a specific area for mail delivery and verification purposes. However, the use of ZIP codes and postal codes on debit cards depends on the country or institution.

How to Find Your Debit Card ZIP Code?

Normally, you can not find your billing ZIP code anywhere on your debit card. The five-digit zip code on the debit card is used as the verification value on your debit card. You have to enter this code when you are paying the bill online or over the phone.

It refers to the address you provide to the bank for your account. The ZIP code is a unique security code tied to your billing address, and you’ll find it on your debit card bill.

  1. To find the ZIP code, you can check your bills where this ZIP code will be included. Furthermore, it will be the same as your postal address, so it will be easy for you to find your zip code.
  2. You can also visit the bank website and log in with your login credentials. Click on the statement option; you will get your zip code.
  3. Visit the official website USPS.COM and click on “Find a ZIP Code”.
  4. You can also contact customer care service.

Why Need to Enter a ZIP Code?

The ZIP code is located on your debit or credit card and is mandatory in the United States. When you buy anything online you have to enter a ZIP code to make the transaction. If you enter the wrong ZIP code they will decline your transaction.

Also, ZIP codes make it easy for the delivery man to deliver your package quickly. They can track people by entering their five-digit ZIP codes.

Debit Card Zip Code Example

Following are examples of debit card ZIP codes:

  • 30002
  • 30003
  • 30007
  • 30010
  • 99501 + 2001
  • 99950 + 3002
  • 32003 + 4002

List of ZIP codes of some Cities in the USA

We have mentioned some cities along with zip codes below:

Zip codeCity
30002 to 39901Atlanta
99501 to 99950Juneau
9001 to 96162Sacramento
32003 to 34997Tallahassee
07001 to 08989Trenton
55001 to 56763Saint Paul

Can I Find the Zip Code on a Debit Card?

You can not find your zip code anywhere on your debit card, and all debit cards have a dual interface with an embedded chip, which allows contact and contactless transactions.

It contains various information regarding customers besides the postal code or ZIP code. Therefore, a ZIP code is an additional security that is used to verify the cardholder is an authorized user.

Are ZIP codes and Passwords the Same?

The ZIP code and password are different things in terms of security purposes. The debit card zip code refers to a user’s billing address. You can not change your ZIP code, but you can change your Password at any time.

The password combination may vary depending on the banking guidelines. But the ZIP code will always be the same; A combination of a five-digit letter. Each city in the United States has a unique ZIP code number.

Is the same ZIP Code on a Debit and Credit Card?

This may or may not be the same zip code, depending on the postal billing code you provided to your bank to receive the card. If you use a different billing address for each card, your credit and debit cards will have different postal codes.

But if you have used the same billing address for each card, your credit card billing address will be the same as your debit card.

How to Change Your ZIP Code?

If you would like to update your billing address or ZIP code, you may call the customer service number on the back of your debit card. You can also visit the official website and follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website or mobile app and log in with your login credentials.
  • Select the edit option in your account information.
  • Enter your personal information and address and submit.
  • You will receive a confirmation email on approval.

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Q: How To find a zip code online?

A: You can find your ZIP code online by visiting the bank’s website. Also, you can view your ZIP code on your bank statements.

Q: Is a zip code essential for a debit card?

A: A ZIP code is essential on a debit card; you can not use your debit card without a ZIP code.

Q: Is the ZIP code a 6-digit code?

A: ZIP codes are five digits, for example, 30002 (ZIP) + 4 codes, also known as plus-four codes. The four additional digits represent your geographic area.

Q: Is the same ZIP code for a debit and credit card?

A: If you have used the same billing address for each card, your credit card billing address will be the same as your debit card.


A ZIP code is a user billing address postal code used as a security code for online bill payment. In case, if users forget their ZIP code for any reason, they can check it by visiting the bank’s website. Also, users can check their bank statements to get the ZIP code, as the bank statements consist of a ZIP code. So, this applies to all debit and credit cards except prepaid Visa gift cards. The users need to enter their ZIP code during any online bill payment.

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