How to Download HDFC Bank Statement PDF Online? 

There are basic 2 ways by which you can download your HDFC Bank Statement online in just a few clicks. These 2 methods are Net Banking and Mobile Banking which are provided by the bank. If you are a Net Banking or Mobile banking user then you can download your HDFC Bank statements in the following steps.

But what if you do not have HDFC Bank Internet Banking Customer ID/User ID and Password? It is very simple, you have to enter your bank details through the official website of HDFC Bank to activate Net banking.

Also, you can visit your nearest HDFC branch to get your Internet banking details. HDFC Bank officials will provide you with the Net Banking User ID and Password. It may take time to receive your login details.

So, you need to visit the official website of HDFC Bank NetBanking page to download the Bank Statement in PDF or other formats. But, if you have active net banking or mobile banking details then follow the steps given below:

Steps to Download HDFC Bank Statement PDF Online

Follow the steps given below to download the HDFC bank statement in PDF:

Step 1: You need to visit the official website of HDFC Bank and your User ID and click Continue. On the next page enter your Password and verify your secure access ID. Click Login.

HDFC Bank NetBanking Dashboard

Step 2: Once logged in, you are in your net banking dashboard. You will find your savings bank account with the balance amount.

Step 3: Click on Savings and on the next page show all your HDFC Bank account details. Scroll down and find a Statement option.

Select date duration in HDFC Bank Statement

Step 4: Select a duration from the drop-down menu. Select a date range by calendar for maximum months (below 12 months). Otherwise, you can select any other option.

Download HDFC Bank Statement

Step 5: Once the date is selected, click on the Download tab. Now, select the download format on the next page. You will get 5 types of formats.

Select PDF

Step 6: Choose the PDF and click on Download. It will start to download on your device. This way you can download your HDFC Bank Statement PDF online in a few steps.

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How to download HDFC bank Statements via Mobile banking?

First, download the HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App from the Google / Apple Play Store and login with your User ID and password. See below to download bank statement through mobile banking:

  1. Once logged in, tap on the Menu option at the top left of the mobile screen.
  2. Next, tap on the Save tab and select Accounts.
  3. On the next screen, select the account you wish to download on your mobile.
  4. You will see the Statment option at the top. Tap on Statement.
  5. Then, Tap on Request Statement at the bottom. On the next screen, you will get two options- Download and Email. Choose the Download option.
  6. Now, you have to select duration and Statement format. Select PDF and tap on Confirm.
  7. Once confirmed, the HDFC Bank Statement will be successfully downloaded to your device.

HDFC Bank Service Charges

HDFC Bank StatementSoft copy: No charge (through net banking)
HDFC Bank StatementPhysical copy: Rs 100 (branch)
Passbook IssuanceFree
Duplicate Passbook IssuanceRs 100
Balance EnquiryFree
TDS CertificateFree
Debit Card Pin GenerationRs 50
NEFT Charges (branch)Up to Rs 1L – Rs 2 per transaction
Above Rs 1L – Rs 10 per transaction
RTGS ChargesFree
IMPS Charges (outward)Up to Rs 1000 – Rs 3.50 per transaction
Above Rs 1000 to Rs 1,00,000 – Rs 5 per transaction
Net BankingFree
Mobile BankingFree

See here for more details:

Why do we need to download HDFC Bank statements?

A Bank statement is an important document that shows the summary of all the transactions in your account. All banks including HDFC Bank provide this service to the customers to keep track of their finances, account balance or any fraudulent activities. It also helps to understand your spending habits regularly.

But, sometimes we need to download HDFC Bank statements for loan purposes, as it is required in the loan process. It helps the bank officer to know about your banking and transaction details.

How to download HDFC Bank Account Statement?

You can download your HDFC Bank statement using net banking and mobile banking as well as by visiting the branch.

Are HDFC bank statement downloads free?

HDFC bank statement downloads through net banking and mobile banking is free of cost.

Can we download the HDFC bank statement in PDF?

There are multiple download formats for HDFC Bank Statements, you can choose PDF to download your bank statement.

What is the PDF Password for HDFC Bank Statement?

HDFC Bank Customer ID/ User ID is your bank statement PDF password. Enter your User ID to open your statement details.

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