How to find Indian Bank CIF Number without a Passbook?

Find Indian Bank CIF Number Without Passbook

Indian Bank is a public sector bank in India, and it has numerous branches all over India. This bank provides a passbook while opening your account and you will find your CIF number. But, for some reason you don’t have it, you will get your CIF number in other ways as well.

However, you don’t need to visit the branch; you will get various online banking services. So, if you are looking for a CIF Number, this article will help you find it without a passbook.

Bank CIF number is the ‘Customer Information File’, a nine-digit number provided to its customers. This CIF number is significant for the bank staff as it is an identity of a customer.

A CIF number is essential, you can not activate net banking online. Generally, the Indian Bank provides the CIF Number with your bank passbook. But, if you don’t have one, you can get it online without a passbook in other ways.

What is CIF Number in Indian Bank?

Indian Bank CIF (Customer Information File) number is a nine-digit unique number that stores the account holder’s information. This number helps the bank employees to find out the account holders’ details. The CIF number will remain the same if you have multiple bank accounts. So, the Indian Bank CIF number is a unique nine-digit number that stores all bank accounts and personal details.

How to get CIF Number without a passbook?

There are many ways you can find your CIF number online. You must have active Internet banking credentials to login. The Indian Bank Mobile app is the best way to find your CIF number. So here, we will mention both methods, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. Follow the steps given below:

Mobile Banking:

Step 1: Open your Indian Bank Mobile application. You will be asked to enter your CIF number for registration. But you don’t know what the CIF number is.

how to find indian bank CIF number without passbook

Step 2: Tap on ‘Know your CIF‘, and the next screen will appear. Enter your Account Number, Registered Mobile number and image text. Tap on ‘Send OTP‘.

Indian bank CIF number
Indian bank CIF number

Step 3: You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number via SMS.

How To Get Indian Bank CIF Number Without Passbook
How to get CIF in Indian Bank

Step 4: Enter OTP and tap on the ‘Verify OTP‘ option.

Indian Bank CIF number
Indian Bank CIF number

Step 5: On the next screen, you will get your Indian Bank CIF number along with your good name.

So, this is the best way where you don’t need to enter a username/password to find an Indian Bank CIF number without a passbook.

Online Method

To find your Indian Bank CIF Number, you don’t need to passbook. You can find your CIF number online without a passbook, you must have a net Banking User ID and Password.

1: Visit the official website of the Indian Bank

2: Login with your User ID and password.

Steps To Know Indian Bank CIF number Through Net Banking

3: Click on the Account number; you will get all details along with CIF Number.

Offline Method

If you have a Passbook or Chequebook, you don’t need to enter your account details or net banking credentials. On the first page of the Indian Bank Passbook, you will get your CIF number. Similarly, you will get it in the chequebook if you use a chequebook.

Q: How to find the Indian Bank CIF number?

A: You will find your Indian Bank CIF number on your Bank Passbook. If you don’t have one, install the Indian bank mobile app and enter your account and registered mobile number. You will receive your CIF number through SMS.

Q: How to get a CIF Number in Indian Bank without a passbook?

A: You will also get the Indian Bank CIF number on your Chequebook. But if you don’t have one, then the Indian bank mobile app is the best option. To get the Indian Bank CIF, enter your account and registered mobile number.

Q: What is the use of the Indian bank CIF?

A: CIF is a ‘Customer Information File‘ that stores all your personal and banking details. You will need it for mobile banking or net banking registration.

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