What will be target price for NHPC share in 2025, 2028 and 2030?

NHPC Limited is the largest hydropower development organization in India and is engaged in hydropower projects. In recent years, it has also diversified into solar and wind energy development sectors.

NHPC is a listed company on the NSE and BSE after completing its IPO in 2009. The company is entrusted with the responsibility of planning and organizing efficient development.

The total capacity of NHPC as of February 29, 2024, is 7097.20 MW, which includes 1546 MW in the joint venture, 6971.20 MW from 22 hydropower stations, 76 MW from solar power projects and 50 MW from wind power projects.

The hydropower share of the company is 6971.20 MW which is about 14.88% of the total installed hydropower capacity of the country 46850.18 MW.

StockSymbolPriceExchangeChart (24H)IndustryTypeSectorCountry52 Week RangeChart (5D)OpenCloseHighLowVolumeMarketcapPrevious CloseChangeChange %52 Weeks High52 Weeks LowEPSDividend RateDividend YieldSharesLast UpdatedWebsite
NHPC.BO₹ 105.10BSE
Utilities - RenewableEQUITYUtilitiesIndia
₹ 104.25₹ 103.65₹ 107.40₹ 103.756,087,546 1.06T₹ 103.65₹ 1.451.40%₹ 117.80₹ 44.873.211.851.78%10,044,999,68019 mins agohttps://www.nhpcindia.com

However, over the years, the company delivered poor sales growth of 6.46% and a low return on equity of 10.6%. But, there was a bullish trend in 2023 and the share price increased from ₹33 to ₹90 per share.

NHPC Share Price Target 2025

The share price of NHPC has been on an upward trend for the last two years and is currently trading around ₹87.50 as of April 20, 2024. According to our technical analysis, the company will maintain its growth and bullish sentiment in the stock market in 2025.

So, based on these and other financial data, the target price for NHPC will be ₹117.31 to ₹154.12 by 2025.

Month (2025)Target Price

Highlights on the target price for the year 2025:

  • There will be no surge in the share price and it will maintain its previous growth rate. The maximum target price in Q1 2025 is ₹132.
  • There will be a downward trend in mid-2025 and the share price may reach the level of ₹124 to ₹126.
  • By the end of 2025, the expected target price for NHPC shares could reach the level of ₹154, reflecting its market demands.

NHPC Share Price Target 2028

NHPC has secured long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) with state electricity boards and other large consumers. This agreement will help provide stable revenue and profit growth for the company. The Indian Government also focus on renewable energy sectors, which is a positive factor for NHPC.

Month (2028)Target Price

Highlights on the target price for the year 2028:

  • In Q1 2028, we could see a strong start with a target price of ₹208.
  • If the market remains favourable, the share price can reach Rs ₹238 by the middle of the year.
  • And if things continue to grow, by the end of 2028, we could even reach ₹274 per share.

NHPC Share Price Target 2030

The company has been expanding its hydropower capacity, which has led to increased revenue and profits. In FY2023, NHPC projects total revenue of Rs 11,285 crore, a 3.3% increase over the previous year. The company’s net profit also increased ₹ 4,275 crore during the same period.

Month (2030)Target Price

Highlights on the target price for the year 2030:

  • In Q1 2030, there will be a decline in the share price and start with a target price of ₹254.
  • The market will remain favourable in the second quarter of 2030, the share price may reach ₹348 by the middle of the year.
  • And if things continue to grow, then by the end of 2030, we can expect the target price to reach ₹274 per share.

Summary of target price for NHPC share for the years 2025, 2028 and 2030

Based on current performance as well as its future growth prospects, the company’s share price potential remains promising. According to a top analyst, the earnings per share (EPS) could grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.5% over the next five years.

Target YearTarget Price
2025₹118 to ₹154
2028₹172 to ₹274
2030₹254 to ₹377

The government of India is focusing on renewable energy sectors which will be beneficial for NHPC. Furthermore, the company aims to achieve huge renewable energy capacity by 2030, and NHPC is also well positioned in the market. Most market experts have given the Buy tag for NHPC. Still, you need to research well, as stock prices can be volatile and subject to market fluctuations.


What is the target price for NHPC shares in 2025?

The target price for NHPC shares is ₹118 to ₹154 by 2025.

What is the target price for NHPC shares in 2028?

The maximum target price for NHPC shares is ₹172 to ₹274 in 2028.

What is the target price for NHPC shares in 2030?

The highest target price for NHPC shares is ₹254 to ₹377 in 2030.

Disclaimer: The target price is for general information only; You should do thorough research, consider risk tolerance and consult financial experts before making an investment decision.

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