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The Finance Department of Rajasthan State has issued a PayManager portal for state government employees. PayManager login portal is a pay bill preparation system providing a familiar and unified platform to government employees of Rajasthan state, Bank Officials, DDOs and HODs.

This is not only for bank officials but also for employees; they can check salary slips, tax statements and other financial information. DDO prepares salary bills, bonuses, arrears, leave encashment bills etc.

So, if you are an employee of Rajasthan state, PayManager will be very useful. In this post, we will cover all details about Rajasthan Pay Manager, DDO, HOD, Bank Login, registration process, password reset, etc.

PayManager 2022 – An Overview

The Rajasthan PayManager portal provides various online facilities for government employees. They can check their pay slips, taxes information and other financial details. Apart from employees, bank officials can also prepare pay bills, DA areas and other bills.

State NameRajasthan
Portal NamePayManager
DepartmentFinance Department
Government of Rajasthan
Services providedFinancial services, like Pay Bills, Salary Slips,
DA Arrear, Salary Arrear Bills, etc.
Official Website

What is PayManager Login?

PayManager is a finance department provided by the government of Rajasthan for payment details reports related to their respective employees. This portal provides login facilities for the Bank, Employees, HOD (Head of Department) and DDO (Drawing & Disbursing Officer). Employees can check their salary slips, tax information and other financial services.

So, PayManager is the Pay Bill Preparation System for the Government of Rajasthan State Employees. This portal provides the facilities for Pay bill preparation and preparation of DA arrears, bonuses, and leave encashment bills.

What is PayManager DDO Login?

DDO Login is used for preparing Salary Bills, DA arrears, Salary Arrear Bills, Leave Encashment Retirement Bills, Surrender bills, FVC Bills, etc. For DDO login, one must complete the registration process to get the Username and Password.

What is Bank Login in PayManager?

Treasury Officers and banks use Bank login for digitally signed e-Payment files, Payment PDFs, and these files are downloaded by banks. But, to login in PayManager, they must complete the registration process.

PayManager Bank Registration link

1: Visit the official website for login.

2: Enter your User Name and Password.

3: Enter the captcha, and select DDO.

4: Click on Login.

You are ready to bank login with PayManager.

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What is PayManager PRI?

The PRI is also part of the PayManager, which helps with pay bill preparation for the Panchayati Raj Employees of the Government of Rajasthan state. It also has the same functions as the PayManager provides, like Pay Bills, DA arrears, bonuses, etc.

Steps for HOD Registration in PayManager

The registration process is very easy; Firstly, visit the official portal and click on the link “HOD Registration”. To take this further, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Enter your account details, such as select Department, IMFS username and password.

Step 2: Click on Verify Login IFMS. It will verify your login details.

Step 3: Enter your personal details; you can do it two ways, i.e. search by employee ID and NIC UID number.

Step 4: Enter your employee ID, PayManager Name, Email, and Mobile number. Similarly, enter your IFMS Name, Email and mobile number. Check the DSC certificate box and click on Generate OTP.

Step 5: You will receive an OTP; enter OTP and click on Submit.

Note: ActiveXDownload:

  1. Download and install ActiveX Control for HOD registration.
  2. If you find any mismatch in the data, please update the data in both PayManager and IFMS budgets.
How To check Salary Slip in PayManager?

First of all, visit the official website and login.

  • To login, enter your Username and password.
  • Select “Employee Corner“.
  • Then, click on the ‘TA Medical Bill‘ option.
  • Next, select “Bill Wise Status” and enter the year and month.
  • You will get the Salary option under the Bill Type.

In this way, you can check your salary slip in the PayManager portal.

How To Download Pay Slip?

To download the employee’s pay slip in PayManager, candidates need to visit the web portal.

  1. Login with your username and password.
  2. Click on the Employee Corner option.
  3. Select the Salary slip and enter a certain month and year.
  4. Click on Submit.
  5. It will show your pay slip details; you can download them on your device.

How To Reset Password?

If you are an employee and have forgotten your login password in PayManager, it is very simple; You can reset it in a few steps.

1: Go to the official website at On the home page, you will find several links

Forgot Login password reset link in PayManager

2: Click on the link (Forgot Password/Employee Login) that appears on the home page.

3: Select the Password option, and enter your employee ID, bank account number, Date of birth and mobile number.

4: Click on “Submit Details“. On submitting, a new window will open on the next page.

5: Create your new login password and re-enter it. Click on Confirm. Your login password in PayManager will be reset successfully.

Types of Login in PayManager

There are four types of login for the Rajasthan PayManager portal, which are as follows:

  • Bank Login: Treasury officials use bank logins for digitally signed e-payment files and payment PDFs, which banks download.
  • Head of Department (HOD) Login: Department login provides a department/third party with a payment details report related to their respective employee’s details.
  • DDO Login: DDO Login is used to generate Salary Bills, DA, Salary Arrears Bills, Leave Encashment Retirement Bill, Surrender Bill, FVC Bills etc.
  • Employee Login: Employees of the Government of Rajasthan state can check their monthly pay slips and income tax statements. But, some other facilities are also provided for the employees.
PayManager Contact Details

Following are the contact details of PayManager in Rajasthan:

Customer Care NumberPh- 0141 5111007 / 0141 5111010
Mobile Number for ComplaintPh – 0141 2744402
Email IDEmail:-
Q: What is PayManager in Rajasthan?

A: PayManager is a finance department provided by the government of Rajasthan for payment details reports related to their respective employees.

Q: What is DDO login in PayManager?

A: The bank officials use DDO Login for preparing Salary Bills, DA arrears, Salary Arrear Bills, Leave Encashment Retirement Bills, Surrender bills, FVC Bills, etc.

Q: Can other state government employees log in to PayManager?

A: Only Rajasthan State Government employees can log in to the PayManager portal.

Q: What is PayManager-2 in Rajasthan?

A: PayManager-2 is specially issued for the employees of Rajasthan State for the DDO/Employee.

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