Adani Green share price target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028 to 2030

Adani Green share price target

Adani Green Energy Limited is the largest renewable energy producer in India and is committed to driving the adoption of affordable and clean energy in the country.

The company is a leading player in the renewable energy sector and has registered huge revenue growth and net profit in the March 2023 quarter. Currently, it is showing a bullish trend and the share price has gained up to 97.9 per cent in the last 4 months.

In such a situation, investors closely monitor the progress of the company, so that they can know what the Adani Green share price can be in the future.

In this prediction, we will find out the possible target price of Adani Green shares over the next few years i.e. 2024 to 2030 based on the market trends, company performance and our research.

Adani Green share price target 2024 to 2030

Based on the current market trends, revenue, profitability, growth and our team predicts a positive outlook for the share price of the company.


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Fundamentals of Adani Green Energy Ltd

The company said operating capacity grew 43% year-on-year to 8,316 MW in the reported quarter with 1,750 MW of solar-wind hybrid, 212 MW of solar and 554 MW of wind power plants.


Expansion into new markets and investments are expected to see a rise in Adani Green’s stock. The expert team expects the share price to potentially touch new highs and has a target price of Rs 1450.20 to 1630.50 for Adani Green shares in 2024.


As the renewable energy sector continues to gain momentum and governments are striving to meet targets. Adani Green is well positioned to capitalize on these trends and its share price could range from Rs 2050.10 to Rs 2230.80 in 2025.

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The company’s strategic partnerships and a strong focus on renewable energy reinforce investor confidence, and the share price of Adani Group could rise from Rs 2270.30 to Rs 2525.60 by 2026.


Adani Green has already been ranked among the world’s top 10 companies in the renewable energy sector by Sustainalytics in FY23. Also, the company has launched several initiative programs to generate more productivity in recent years and the expected target price of Adani Green shares is Rs 2850.70 to Rs 3000 by 2028.


Adani Green is one step closer to achieving its target of being among the world’s top 10 ESG companies in the power utility sector by FY2025. Overall, the company has a clear vision and commitment to achieving the target which helps in increasing the revenue and profitability. Based on our research, the target price for Adani Green shares is Rs 3540.80 to Rs 3840.20 by 2030.

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Q: Is Adani Green Energy stock good to buy?

A: Adani Green’s share price has great potential to grow in future. The company has a diversified product portfolio that can manage the dynamic market, so it is a good stock to hold for the long term.

Q: What is the target price of Adani Green Energy shares in 2025?

A: The highest target price of Adani Green Energy shares is Rs 2050.10 to Rs 2230.80 by 2025.

Q: How to buy Adani Green Energy shares?

A: To buy shares of Adani Green Energy, you need to open a Demat and trading account which you can open on online brokerage platforms like Groww, Angel One, Upstox and others.

Q: What is the target price of Adani Green Energy shares in 2030?

A: The target price for Adani Green Energy shares is Rs 3540.80 to Rs 3840.20 through 2030.


Adani Green Energy Limited is part of the Adani Group which is one of the largest renewable energy companies in India. The company is committed to providing a better, cleaner and greener future with a current project portfolio of 20,434 MW. For the long-term (25 years) Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with the Indian Government, the company has leveraged and expanded its presence across 12 Indian states. Adani Green Energy has great prospects in the future and is the best option for the long term as well.

Disclaimer: The share price target for Adani Green Energy Ltd is for general information only. No part of the website content should be construed as financial advice for your investments. Before investing in any company you should do your own research and consult your financial advisor.

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