Arculus crypto card review – How does wallet app work with it?

Arculus crypto card

You probably know the name of the Arculus crypto card or key card, it is one of the cold storage options in the market. It comes in the market with a metal design and a dark look. And promises the security of your digital assets.

The Arculus is a cold storage solution designed for digital asset security. It has close-range, encrypted NFC connection and 3-factor authentication vault security. You can achieve these features through the Arculus crypto card and wallet app. It also offers premium security features which you can securely store your cryptocurrency and NFTs offline.

The Arculus Crypto Card is a great product, you don’t need to carry any other device. It is very slim and fits into a physical wallet like any other credit and debit card.

The card is stainless steel with the Arculus logo printed on the front and is the same size and shape as a normal credit card or any ID card. The reverse is plastic, which allows NFC signals to pass through when placed near your phone as well.

Arculus crypto card review

As thin as a credit card, you can keep it at home, in your wallet, or wherever you want it to be safe. Where you keep the card will probably depend on how often you intend to access your crypto.

Arculus is a cold storage crypto wallet, which needs an Arculus crypto card and it is not connected to the internet or any device as it is cold storage crypto. Furthermore, unlike many others, it doesn’t need to be charged to be functional.

For initial set-up, you have to type your information into the card, Apple’s stock NFC modal will pop up from below and show your progress. It’s a bit choppy because you can’t move the card while it’s scanning, otherwise, it can fail during your setup before placing it on the table.

But, currently, the wildly popular to investors is NFT, it cannot access it for storage. At the moment, NFTs are not supported in the app, but Arculus says it is on their roadmap and will be coming soon.

How does the wallet app work with the Arculus Crypto Card?

Using the integrated Wallet Connect API, you can send and receive NFTs from the most popular exchanges such as OpenSea and others within the Arculus Wallet app.

Anyone who wants access to the cryptocurrency associated with your Arculus wallet will need your physical crypto card. So, this is the Arculus crypto card, which will solve your all problems.

The card looks neat, following the trend of high-end credit cards made of metal. At its price point, we would expect a premium-looking card. With your account configured, you can buy crypto, store your crypto, and pay with crypto.

Select WalletConnect on the website of your choice such as an NFT marketplace or DeFi platform. There is a QR code on the website, you will find it, now open your Arculus app on your mobile, authenticate and tap on the scanner icon on the top right.

  • Scan the QR code on the website.
  • Confirm connection, now you are connected.

The Arculus Crypto Card stays conveniently hidden in your physical wallet, and the Arculus Wallet app lives on your smartphone. Together, they securely manage your crypto portfolio with just one tap, no matter where you are.

Arculus vs other cold storage

FeaturesArculusOther Cold StorageHot Wallets
Form FactorPhysical CardFob with displayNone
Ease of UseYes
Superior SecurityYesYes
No Charge RequiredYesNoYes
3 Factor AuthenticationYesNoNo
View, Store and Share NFTsYesYesYes
Offers Live Customer SupportYesNoNo

Arculus crypto card initial set-up

The setup process is very easy, just pair your Arculus wallet with your phone. The setup is seamless and it was surprisingly easy to move your crypto to the card. It works very well with the iPhone app which is needed when you are doing the initial setup.

It supports a good number of coins, not just BTC and ETH, but including SHIB. This would be an obviously good rating product except you can’t sell your crypto directly from the wallet. You are also limited in the assets that you can buy/swap with the wallet.

How to sell your assets?

After the initial setup, you only need to use the Arculus card when you want to send bitcoin from your wallet. Then you just tap the back of the phone with the Arculus card when prompted and you are good to go.

If you wanted to sell some assets, you need to move these assets to a trading platform and then complete the transaction on that platform. But, there will be a fee associated with transferring assets and that fee can only be paid in ETH.

What is the Arculus crypto Wallet app?

It is a great cold hard wallet, a true cold wallet, the only way to connect NFC to a card pressed against the device. It is a great app that is straightforward and nice. Add your coins to that functionality you are tied to whatever coin they allow you.

Overall, it is a nice and cold hardware wallet, there is no way to connect to it. The wallet app on the device is what you need to access it allows the security to access the app for a visual view of the stored items.

You can get bitcoin from Coinbase, Gemini or wherever you have your bitcoin. But, transferring bitcoins incurs network fees and exchanges can charge transaction fees. This is the cost of working in the bitcoin ecosystem.


  • It is a great-looking app.
  • You can track crypto prices on your customizable dashboard
  • They have great customer support and the product is quite easy to use.
  • They have lots of informative content to guide you.
  • They offer three-factor authentication for security.
  • It supports NFC, it is great and easy to use.
  • You Can Make Instant Crypto Purchases Through Simplex With Apple Pay.


  • Sometimes it takes time (Coinbase) to buy ETH.
  • No NFT support.
  • You have to pay a fee to transfer your assets.
  • There is not much list support for cryptocurrency.

How Secure is Arculus Wallet app?

Secure your NFT collection in cold storage by tapping your card and scanning the QR code with the in-app QR code scanner at your chosen marketplace. Every time you have to authenticate via your Face ID or Touch ID, depending on your device.

Arculus wallet is the easiest way to keep crypto away from exchanges and reduce hacking worries. This card is as easy as it gets. Download the Arculus wallet app, and pair the card with your smartphone.

If you ever lose your phone or card, there is nothing to worry about. If someone else has one or both of these devices, there is no way for them to access your funds without your biometric authentication.

How many cryptocurrencies are supported by this Arculus wallet app?

Currently, there are 25 cryptocurrencies supported in the app, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, USD Coin, and more. This is not the most comprehensive list of currencies and may be limited depending on which crypto you have invested in.

Q: What if my Arculus Crypto Card is lost or stolen?

A: If lost or stolen, please purchase a new Arculus Key Card and use your recovery passphrase to recover your Wallet on your phone. Because Arculus uses three-factor authentication, even if someone steals your card, they won’t be able to access your crypto without your PIN and biometric information. These three factors of authentication act like a vault to keep your private keys, and therefore crypto, safe and out of the wrong hands.

Q: How many wallets can I use with one Arculus Key Card?

A: Now one wallet and one card will work together. Later, they may launch a joint wallet product.

Q: What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

A: Losing your phone is always a pain and can cause anxiety. The good news is that when you use Arculus to store your private keys, even if your phone is lost or stolen, no one will be able to access your crypto. If you need to restore your wallet to a new phone, here are the steps you can take.

Open the Arculus Wallet app on your new phone.

Step 1: Tap Get Started. Present the Arculus key card on the back of the phone as directed.
Step 2: Select Restore Wallet and create a 6-number PIN and confirm the PIN.
Step 3: Type in the 12-word secret passphrase (note: must be all lowercase) and hit Restore.
Step 4: Click Start, and Go to Home Screen.

Q: How secure is the NFC technology used in the Arculus Crypto Card?

A: The Arculus Key Card uses a 13.56 MHz frequency to communicate with the mobile device during a transaction. The chip is not any ordinary NTAG chip. It uses a secure element similar to that of banking cards and passports. Multiple layers of physical and software security keep your private keys secure.

Q: How do I receive cryptocurrency in my Arculus Wallet app?

A: In the Arculus Wallet app, go to “Wallets” and click on the desired cryptocurrency to receive.
Click “Get” and allow the sender to scan your QR code, click “Copy” to copy the address to the clipboard, or click the “Share” button to send the address/QR code via various platforms. Transactions can be viewed in “History” after the cryptocurrency has been received.


This is a great cold storage crypto wallet that requires an Arculus crypto card and will not be connected to the internet or any device as it is cold storage crypto. You’ll arrive at your wallet with your current balance displayed in the top-left corner, above a list of all the cryptos you’re currently tracking.

You can see the current market price for each cryptocurrency, how much of that currency you own, and what it’s worth in dollars. Additionally, you can toggle each of these on/off in the settings.

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