Globalization Partners Review: What do Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners is a third-party platform that provides legal, finance, IT/technology, marketing, management and human resources solutions to companies around the world in their countries. With this unbiased review, we’ll explain all the details about globalization partners like what they do, their pricing, key features, and more. It will also include Globalization Partners’ alternatives and what kind of services they provide.

In order to get support from the Globalization partners, the customer requires to visit the help centre for the ticketing system that will available through their proprietary and collaborative software platform.

All those matters are monitored round-the-clock by the help centres of globalization partners for legal, financial and human resource issues of the respective country.

What do Globalization Partners?

Basically, Globalization Partner provides employer-of-record services to clients who wish to hire employees and run payroll without establishing an office or subsidiary. So, this is an international service provider providing legal, finance and human resource-related services internationally.

To help companies grow internationally, they provide job opportunities for legal, finance and human resource specialists in their native countries.

It has ties with almost every country to legally employ someone internationally, for example, Globalization partners hire experts from Canada according to the demands and needs of Canadian employers. Similarly, it is applicable to all countries as per the demand of the employers.

Globalization Partners Review

Globalization Partners is a worldwide customer support solution designed to provide security and minimise liabilities for companies or employers. It is an international customer support platform where companies can get legal assistance from tax experts and talented HR consultants from their native country.

There are almost 187 countries including Canada connected with Globalization Partners. Globalization partners provide employer-of-record services for clients who wish to hire employees. For those who want to run payroll without setting up an office.

Furthermore, In order to help companies, Globalization Partners provides job opportunities for several professionals internationally.

Globalization Partners has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, which is based on over 203 reviews left by employees on According to review sections, approximately 92% of employees would recommend Globalization Partners.

Globalization Partners Pricing

Globalization Partners has not provided any pricing information for its services. There is no fixed pricing list, as clients can hire experts for days, not necessarily months. Through their help support, customers can connect with service providers to obtain pricing information. But, there is a contractor system, if you need it for your company, you can get it starting from only $49.

Features of Globalization Partners

The following are the main features that G-P provides for the customer:

FeaturesGlobalization PartnersCompetitors
Transparent pricing and invoicing systemYou can expect every monthInconsistent
Help Center for you and your global teamThrough the help centre, you get your questions answered
Available services in 187 countriesThey provide their services in 187 countriesInconsistent
Regional and country experts are available 24/7YesInconsistent
End-to-end technology platformSimple, secure login via desktop or mobile, and accessible globally
You can manage with a mobile appYesYes
Major payroll providersG-P
Automated employment contractsDigitized option to make an issue of offers to valuable candidates quick, compliant, and easyInconsistent
Secure employee data with a GDPR-compliant solutionNo need to store data in email and spreadsheetsInconsistent

What is G-P Contractor?

Besides, if you need a contractor, they offer all your needs. If your company needs to build a team of skilled contractors, G-P can easily locate contractors in 187 countries. The global employment platform supports the entire lifecycle of contractors hired for both short and long-term projects. You can get started with just $49 for your company.

Payroll in Globalization Partners

Clients identify the international candidates they wish to hire. It’s possible for them to onboard anyone, anywhere with a comprehensive global recruitment solution. They handle HR, finance, tax and legal matters and can expand their team worldwide.

What is PEO in G-P?

Typically, a PEO stands for Professional Employers Organization, especially in the United States, also known as a co-employer. PEOs manage payroll, benefits and other HR responsibilities for the employees of a client company. Therefore, PEO has a staff member with extensive experience in human resources, legal, tax, customer services and accounting.

What is a Global Employer of Record?

A Global Employer of Record (EOR) is an outsourced back-office administrator for companies with international employees. In short, employers of the record keep their client’s international employees on their own global EOR payroll.

Businesses do not need to go through the long and complicated process of setting up a subsidiary within the countries of their international employees, instead, they can rely on their established payroll.

What is a PEO in G-P?

Generally, PEO stands for Professional Employers Organization, especially in the United States the marketer is also known as a co-employer. PEOs manage payroll, benefits and other HR responsibilities for a client company’s employees. So, a PEO has a staff member with extensive experience in human resources, legal, tax, customer services and accounting.

How does PEO work in G-P?

At its most basic level, a PEO places the company’s employees on the PEO’s payroll, becoming the “employer of record” for them. Those employees receive tasks and responsibilities from the company as usual, but the PEO is responsible for managing payroll and benefits.

What is the wealth of globalization partners?

Recently i.e. a few months back, the total value of the company has been estimated at $4.2 billion.


Basically, Globalization Partner is a service provider that provides employer-of-record services to clients who want to hire employees and run payroll without setting up a luxury office or subsidiary. They provide various services, like legal, finance and human resource-related internationally. If you liked this post, then share it with your friends.

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