Bajaj Auto share price target, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2035

Bajaj auto share price

We are here with a company in the automotive industry i.e. Bajaj Auto Limited to predict the share price target for the years 2024-2035. The company operates in the automobile sector and has given huge returns of up to 138.53% in just 15 months.

The company is listed on Indian exchanges and maintains a healthy dividend payout of 71.5%. If we look at its financial reports, the company is almost debt-free and is making huge profits.

This year, compounded sales growth (TTM) was 19%, and profit growth was 31%. The average return on equity is 20% for one year and 23% for five years. It is clear that Bajaj Auto Limited’s financial results are very good and the share price is now on an upward trend.

According to the official report, total revenue in FY2023 is Rs 37,643 crore, net income is Rs 6,060 crore and earnings per share is Rs 212.50. Whereas the net profit margin is 16.62% and dividend per share is Rs 140.00.

Fundamentals of Bajaj Auto Limited

The company has entered into a joint venture with Austrian company KTM as well as several other companies to expand its product range. However, now full focus is on EV-related activities such as R&D of new technologies, product development, manufacturing, sales, and customer experience in the EV sector.

Therefore, the company is empowering itself in the EV market to capture the market and of course, it has huge growth potential in the future.

However, the current market price of Bajaj Auto Ltd shares is Rs 7,738.55, which is overvalued by 38%.

Bajaj Auto Share Price Target 2024-2035

The target price of Bajaj Auto Limited shares is based on our research and technical analysis as mentioned below:

Target YearTarget Price

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Net Profit Margin History

The Net profit margin is the percentage of revenue that a company earns as net income after deducting all expenses. Bajaj Auto Limited’s net profit margin has fluctuated over the last five years.

Still, the company’s margins remain above 12%. So, a higher net profit margin indicates that the company makes more profit from its sales. Which is generally considered a positive sign for investors in any company.

  • FY 2022: 17.98%
  • FY 2021: 17.32%
  • FY 2020: 16.52%
  • FY 2019: 16.25%
  • FY 2018: 15.68%
  • FY 2017: 12.72%

Note: Readers are advised that the estimated target share price is based on our experience and technical analysis. The target price is only an estimated value that may differ from the actual price.

Bajaj Auto Share price target 2024

In 2024, according to our forecast system, the minimum share price is Rs 7755.10 to Rs 7790.22. At the end of the year, the maximum price of Bajaj Auto shares can reach Rs 7,830.20 to Rs 7,930.20.

TargetMaximum Target Price

Bajaj Auto Share price target 2025

According to our analysis, the lowest price is Rs 8040.60 to Rs 8150.40. The maximum target price of Bajaj Auto shares can reach the level of Rs 8,730.30 to Rs 8,834.12 at the end of 2025.

TargetMaximum Target Price

Bajaj Auto Share price target 2026

The target price of Bajaj Auto shares in 2026 can be Rs 8,750.50 to Rs 9,431.00.

TargetMaximum Target Price

Bajaj Auto Share price target 2028

According to our forecast system, the minimum share price is Rs 9280.10, while the maximum target price for Bajaj Auto shares by 2028 is Rs 10,152.30.

TargetMaximum Target Price

Bajaj Auto Share price target 2030

According to our research, the minimum share price in 2028 is Rs 10,820.10. At the end of 2030, the maximum target price of Bajaj Auto shares can reach the level of Rs 12,352.30.

TargetMaximum Target Price


The maximum target price for Bajaj auto share is Rs 18,825.42 to Rs 22,450.50 by 2035.

TargetMaximum Target Price

Bajaj Auto Limited Overview

It is the flagship company of two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Group which exports to 79 countries in Latin America, South East Asia, and many other countries. It is headquartered in Pune, India, and has acquired 48% of the KTM brand which manufactures sports and super sports two-wheelers.

  • New Subsidiary: The company formed a new subsidiary ‘Chetak Technology Limited’ in October 2021 to enter the EV segment.
  • R&D: The company spent 1.5% of its revenue on research and development (R&D).
  • Revenue Breakup: The company earns 47% domestic revenue and 53% export revenue.
  • Brand Reputation: Bajaj Auto Limited is the world’s fourth-largest motorcycle manufacturer and also the largest manufacturer and seller of 3-wheelers globally.

How to Buy Bajaj Auto Shares?

You have to open a Demat account to buy shares on the stock exchange. Follow the steps given below to open a Demat account:

Submit KYC: Visit any stock broker website and enter your details, like name, date of birth, address, etc, and submit.

Add funds: You need to deposit money in your Demat account to trade.

Find Bajaj Auto: To buy Bajaj Auto shares, enter the name on the search bar, and you will find the ticker symbol BAJAJAUTO, and add it.

Confirm order: Select the number of shares and proceed. Finally, pay and confirm your order.

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Q: What will be the share price of Bajaj Auto in 2025?

A: The share price of Baja Auto may reach Rs 8150.40 to Rs 8,834.12 by 2025.

Q: What will be the share price of Bajaj Auto in 2028?

A: The target price for Bajaj Auto shares in 2028 is Rs 9280.10 to Rs 10,152.30.

Q: What will be the share price of Bajaj Auto in 2030?

A: According to our forecast system, the maximum share price of Bajaj Auto can be Rs 10,820.10 to Rs 12,352.10.

Q: What is the target price for Bajaj Auto shares in 2035?

A: The maximum target price of Bajaj Auto shares in 2035 is Rs 18,825.42 to Rs 22,450.50.

Disclaimer: The target prices on our website ( are for general information only. We are not SEBI-registered financial advisors and no part of the website content should be considered as financial advice for your investments.

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