USSD Banking- How to send Money without Internet

How to send money without Internet using USSD Banking

Yes, you don’t need the Internet to transfer money to anyone in your family or friends. Here, you need a registered mobile number with your bank accounts. Also, you will need an active UPI account on your mobile. To transfer money, you must use the USSD-based mobile banking function on your mobile; no Internet is required.

For UPI payments through mobile banking apps, you need stable internet for fund transfers. But, non-internet users can still send money without the internet on their mobile via BHIM UPI-supported apps.

The ‘*99#’ is a USSD-based UPI dialling service that has limited mobile banking and non-banking services. USSD service is used to send text messages for mobile communication.

It’s not sufficient to transfer money, you must complete the registration process with BHIM UPI. If you have UPI Account and completed the one-time registration, then you can proceed.

What is USSD Banking?

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is used to send text messages globally for mobile communication protocols. But, in 2016, NPCI launched a USSD-based banking service for non-internet users based on the UPI. Here, users need to dial *99# for banking services, on dialling this code, an interactive menu is displayed on their mobile screen. The screen will have multiple banking services, allowing users to send and receive money, check balance, UPI PIN, and many more benefits.

What is *99#?

*99# is a USSD-based mobile banking service from NPCI that brings together diverse ecosystem partners such as banks and Telecom Service Providers (TSPs). To use mobile banking services without the internet, you must dial *99# to display the interactive menu on your mobile.

How to Register for *99#?

Following are the essential steps to register for *99# on your mobile. You don’t need the internet for banking services, like money transfers, balance checks, UPI pins, etc. So, first of all, you need to link your bank account with your feature phone for banking features.

Step 1: So, first of all, Dial *99# on your registered mobile.

Step 2: Select your bank account, which is registered with this mobile number.

Step 3: Enter your debit card’s last 6 digits and expiry date.

Step 4: Enter the UPI pin and confirm it.

Now, you are ready to use USSD-based banking services on your mobile.

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How to Check the Balance using USSD?

You will get various banking features while dialling *99# USSD code. These are ‘Send Money, Request Money, Balance Check, Transactions, UPI’, etc. To check the bank account balance follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open your dial pad on your mobile.

how to transfer money without internet

Step 2: Dial *99# and tap on Call.

how to send money without internet

Step 3: You will get seven options on the next screen. These are Send Money, Request Money, Check Balance, My Profile, Pending Requests, Transactions and UPI PIN.

Step 4: For the balance check, type 3 and tap on the ‘Send‘ option.

how to send money without internet

Step 7: Enter your 4-digit UPI PIN and tap on ‘Send‘.

how to send money without internet

You will find your account balance in a few seconds on the next screen.

Steps to Send money without the Internet

Repeat the same method we have mentioned earlier:

Step 1: Follow the above steps and type 1 and tap on “Send“.

How to send money without internet

Step 2: You will get 5 options for money transfers. Select one that you feel most comfortable with.

Step 3: For a mobile number, the beneficiary’s mobile number must be registered. Otherwise, it will show an error. So, the best option is five i.e. IFSC, A/C No.

Step 4: Type 5 and tap on “Send“. On the next screen, enter the IFSC code of the beneficiary and send it.

Step 5: Enter the beneficiary account number and tap on “Send“. Enter the amount on the next screen and send it.

Step 6: Enter the remark, or you can skip by entering 1 and selecting “Send“.

Step 7: On the next screen, you will find details, enter the UPI PIN and tap on “Send”. That’s all.

So, this is how to send money to others without the internet using USSD.

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Q: What is *99#?

A: *99# is a USSD-based mobile banking service from NPCI that brings together diverse ecosystem partners such as banks and Telecom Service Providers.

Q: What is the full form of USSD?

A: USSD’s full form is “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”.

Q: Can I send money without the internet?

A: You can send money without the internet using USSD-based mobile banking services.

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