How to transfer money from DasherDirect to Bank Account

DoorDash offers a DasherDirect account for its partner Dashers in the United States. Because DasherDirect is a convenient option to get paid instantly without any fees. It allows the Dasher to deposit their earnings in their bank account. But, to receive the payment, you need to complete the sign-up process. It’s simple, enter your details including your legal name and social security number. Then, you are ready to transfer money from DasherDirect to a bank account.

It is a US-based food delivery company allowing Dashers to access their earnings and transfer through the DasherDirect app. So, for more details, we have mentioned step by step how you can transfer money from DasherDirect to your bank account.

The DasherDirect prepaid account is a great way to harness your income and allow you to transfer and deposit money to your accounts. So, it is beneficial for its food delivery partners, who earn money by delivering food to their customers.

You can also use your DasherDirect Prepaid card for online shopping, stores and other utility bills. To use DasherDirect, you need to install it on your mobile. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Why is DasherDirect Needed?

You earn money if you are a DoorDash partner for online food delivery services. So, naturally, you would like to transfer your money to your bank account. That is Dasher Direct, it allows you to access and transfer your earnings instantly to your bank account without any charges.

It is like any other payment app where you can make purchases and transfer money to your account or others. You don’t need to maintain a minimum balance like your bank accounts. If you want to know how to add a bank account to Doordash- check here.

Anyway- let’s move on to the point – You can make money with DoorDash, an online food-delivery company, as a Dasher. Here, you can earn a lot of money.

How to Get Paid in your DasherDirect account?

On approval of your DasherDirect account, you will receive a virtual card. You can use it for shopping and other bill payments. You cannot use Fast Pay and DasherDirect together. Once you activate your DasherDirect card, your account will be set up for automatic payouts.

DoorDash earnings will be added to your DasherDirect account. To receive automatic deposits, you will need to update your payment method to DasherDirect through the Earnings tab. Earnings are usually available in your DasherDirect account by the next morning.

To change your payment method to weekly direct deposit or faster pay, tap the ‘Bank’ icon on the Earnings screen in your Dasher app. Then tap ‘Switch Payout Account.

Steps to Transfer Money from DasherDirect to Bank Account

First, you must complete the signing-up process with the DoorDash app. It’s very simple, enter your name, address, social security number and copy of your driving license. Tap on Submit.

On approval, you can get access to the DasherDirect application. It also provides a virtual card that will be available in the DasherDirect app and is ready to use immediately.

DasherDirect is for Dashers in the US only. You cannot forward your invitation to apply to Dasher Direct to other people, such as family or friends.

This app is powered by Payfare, which is a collaboration between DoorDash, Visa and Payfair.

Below are the steps required to transfer money to your bank account:

  • Step 1: On both platforms, iOS and Android, you can download the DasherDirect application.
  • Step 2: Open your DasherDirect app.
  • Step 3: You will get your “Reward Money and Goal Money” in your account balance.
  • Step 4: Tap on the “More” button that appears at the bottom right of the Home screen.
  • Step 5: Next, tap on “Move Money“.
  • Step 6: On the next screen, tap on “Send Money to Someone“.
  • Step 7: You will find the “Recipient” tab on the next screen. Here, you can enter your own bank account or another one where you want to send money.

That’s all, you don’t need to do anything. It will be credited to your bank account within 2 business days. So, the DasherDirect application is beneficial for transferring money to your bank account. With the help of this app, you can transfer to your bank account or to another’s bank account.

What is DasherDirect Daily Pay Limit?

DasherDirect payouts have a daily limit of $1000, therefore, if you exceed the limit, you can reach your balance the next day. Here, you can transfer your amount instantly, but without a Dasher Direct account, it will take a few days to transfer.

You need a DasherDirect account to transfer money to your bank account. Here is the transfer limit of up to $1000 per day.

DoorDash official websiteCheck here
BankShala home pageCheck here
DasherDirect Charges

But, if you have a foreign transaction, it will charge 3%, and your Dasher Direct account will charge $2.50 for up to 12 months of inactivity.

Q: Can I transfer money from DasherDirect to Bank Account?

A: Yes, you can transfer money from DasherDirect to your Bank Account easily.

Q: What is DasherDirect?

A: DasherDirect is a prepaid account/card provided by DoorDash, an online food ordering company, to its delivery partners, known as ‘Dashers’.

Q: What is the daily limit for transferring money from Dasher Direct?

A: The daily limit is $1000 from the Dasher Direct application.

Q: Why is DasherDirect Needed?

A: You earn money if you are a DoorDash partner for online food delivery services. Now, you want to send it to your bank account. So, how to do it? That is Dasher Direct, it allows you to access and transfer your earnings instantly to your bank account without any charges.

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