Johnson & Johnson Stock Forecast: 2024, 2025, 2028, 2030

Johnson and Johnson stock forecast

We are here with Johnson & Johnson to predict its stock price for the years 2024, 2025, 2028 and 2030 based on research and analysis. We will share all our forecast results which we got from various technical analyses and research.

Johnson & Johnson is a well-known leading company and has shown good financial results in the October 2023 quarter. The company increase its revenue, profitability, and profit margin year on year.

It is a multinational and is the largest and most diversified healthcare company in the world. The company has a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical products, some of which we use in our daily lives.

Johnson is very popular for its famous products like Health, Medtech and Pharmaceuticals. The company is strongly committed to sustainability and has been recognized by several organizations for its efforts in these areas.

Fundamentals of Johnson

The revenue registered in FY2023 is $94,9430 million and the net profit is $17,951 million YoY. The profit margin in the October quarter was 19.17 per cent.

Johnson share price forecast

Johnson and Johnson’s stock forecast is based on our depth research and technical analysis. You don’t need to read a long article to know its future price.

Still, we will separately share below with an expert team of Johnson & Johnson share price prediction for 2024 to 2030. So, the year-wise Johnson and Johnson share price will be as follows:

2023 $165.29$175.239.71%

Johnson and Johnson share price forecast

At present, this stock is showing an upward trend as compared to last year. If we look at a long-term perspective then it is a good stock and you can expect returns of up to 96%.


In 2024, based on our research, the forecast price for Johnson & Johnson will be a minimum of $182.42 and a maximum of $192.72.

  • Low: $182.42
  • High: $192.72


According to our forecast system, the lowest price Johnson & Johnson could hit is $204.42. However, the average expected share price should be $215.42. At the same time, the maximum expected stock price can reach $224.67.

  • Low: $204.42
  • High: $224.67

Johnson & Johnson Stock Forecast:


In 2026, Johnson & Johnson’s stock price will be at least $218.35 and the average price could be $228.71. Whereas the maximum price can reach the level of $841.898.

  • Low: $218.35
  • High: $238.53


According to our analysis, the minimum price of Johnson & Johnson in 2027 will be $232.12 and the maximum price can reach $252.64. This would represent a 57.64% upside for Johnson & Johnson.

  • Low: $232.12
  • High: $252.64


In 2028, according to our research and technical analysis, the minimum price of Johnson & Johnson will be $232.12 and the maximum price can reach $252.64. This represents a gain of 67.50 for Johnson & Johnson.

  • Low: $232.12
  • High: $252.64


In 2029, Johnson & Johnson’s lowest stock price will be $273.52. But the average expected price could be $284.15 and the maximum price could reach $293.13 by 2029.

  • Low: $273.52
  • High: $293.13


In 2030, based on our analysis, Johnson & Johnson’s stock will be worth at least $305.45. At the same time, by 2030 the maximum price can reach the level of $325.15. This shows that you get a profit of 96.57% for the long term.

  • Low: $305.45
  • High: $325.15

Risk factors

The following situation would indicate a downturn for any company facing these challenges. So if you are an investor then you should consider the worst case scenario before investing.

Risks may arise in the following situations, these are—

  • Market Trends
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Global Crises
  • Competition in the Market
Q: How to buy stock directly from Johnson & Johnson?

A: There is no direct purchase program available to the general public in Johnson and Johnson. But, willing investors can visit for purchase.

Q: What will be the price of Johnson & Johnson in 2025?

A: The stock price of Johnson & Johnson will be $182.42 to $192.72 by 2025.

Q: Is Johnson & Johnson a Good Stock to Invest?

A: Johnson & Johnson’s growth score is good, and earnings revisions suggest it will be a good stock for long-term investors.

What is the target price for Johnson & Johnson in 2030?

The maximum Target price for Johnson & Johnson is $325.15 by 2030.


We know this is a volatile market, and there is no accurate data to prove that this share price prediction will be 100% accurate. It is a multinational company and its stock price has been continuously increasing throughout the year. Since its business model is worldwide there are always risk factors that we should consider before investing.

Disclaimer: Predictions on our website ( are for general information only. The content of any part of this website should not be construed as financial advice. Before investing you should research and consult your financial advisor before making any decision.

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