Lucid Stock Price Prediction: 2025, 2028, 2030, 2035, 2040

We are here to forecast Lucid’s stock price for 2025 to 2040. This is the company which has performed averagely in the last 3 years. In 2020 it was trading at $6.36 and as of today, it is trading at $5.59.

Basically, it has shown stable performance but has the potential for huge growth in the coming years. As it is engaged in the American electric vehicle industry which has top demand in the market.

This is why the company performed very well without any decline in the market. It has a number of EV car models for customers and the average production is 10,000 annually.

By expanding its production plant the company expects to produce 300000 cars per year. So, this is a great management plan which can be beneficial for the investor in future.

Lucid Stock Price Forecast 2025 – 2040

The company has a visionary approach to electric mobility, cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to luxury and performance, Lucid is reshaping the automotive landscape.

Lucid stock price chart

Many top market experts say it will remain bullish in the coming years and have an expected price of $9.20 to $11.15 for 2025. This is an estimated value and not an exact price or any type of financial advice.













Lucid – Fundamentals

Currently, the company has very strong fundamentals and its revenue growth in the June 2023 quarter is 55 per cent Y/Y. But, the net profit is negative because the company is investing in many other plants.

Lucid risk factors:

  1. Competitive markets
  2. New in the market
  3. Currently, profit negative
  4. Decline in recent years

Growth potential:

  • Strong Management
  • Focused on Quality Product
  • Expansion of several plants
  • Focus on mass production
  • Luxury electric vehicle


What is the Lucid Stock Price prediction in 2025?

According to our analysis and technical forecast, the maximum forecast price is $ 12.35 by 2025.

What is the predicted price for Lucid stock in 2030?

The predicted price for Lucid Group, Inc. stock is $30.60 by 2030.

Is Lucid a Good stock to invest?

According to our research, Lucid Group Inc. is a good stock for the long term and you can expect up to 135 per cent in three years.

What is the risk factor for Lucid Group Inc?

The main risk factor for Lucid is the company’s involvement in highly competitive markets.

Disclaimer: This is an estimated value for your information, which may vary, and is not financial advice. The stock market is volatile and involves many risks. Therefore, consult your financial advisor before investing.

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