MRF Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2035

We are here with the share price forecast of another top tire manufacturing company MRF Limited for the years 2025 to 2028, 2030 and 2035. This is MRF Ltd (Madras Rubber Factory Limited) which is listed on the both National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in India.

Currently, its share price is Rs 1,44,421.05, which is 66.03% higher in just one year. It is considered to be one of the most valuable and reputed companies in the Indian stock market.

Before predicting its future price, we need to know some basic information about MRF Ltd. The company stands for Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) and is a leading Indian tire manufacturing company established in 1946.

The company is known for its high-quality products and has strong brand value across the globe. It has a wide range of tires for trucks, cars, OTRs, two-wheelers, and other heavy-duty vehicles. Besides this, it is also a manufacturer of several rubber products, paints, and conveyor belts.

Fundamentals of MRF Ltd

MRF Ltd is a well-known name in the automotive industry, which has managed to maintain its leadership position in the Indian tire market. The company has also expanded its operations overseas and has a presence in more than 100 countries.

Company NameMRF Limited
IndustryManufacturing (Tyre)
Primary ExchangeNSE/BSE
Market Cap₹61,251 Cr.
Revenue (FY23)₹23,263 Cr.
Net Profit₹594 Cr.
Net Profit Margin3.94%
EPS (TTM)1399
PE Ratio (TTM)61.99
Dividend Yield0.18%
Dividends Per Share150.00
Debt to Equity0.22
Face Value10

Shareholding Pattern

SL NoShareholders namePer cent
2Mutual Funds6.61%
3Foreign Institutions18.22%
4Domestic Institutions0.07%
5Retail & others47.21%

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Balance sheet history

Stock details20222021202020192018
Reserves14,230.2413,175.6212,025 .1110,650.059,734
Borrowings (long-term)816.22812.75780.021055.751320.14
Total Liabilities6,845.727,183.355,175.655,435.354,548.45
Total Assets22,685.4022,255.5819,156.1218,227.6816,302.80

MRF Share Price Forecast 2024-2035

  • 2023: Rs 98,250.00
  • 2024: Rs 145,720.10
  • 2025: Rs 1,78,550.20
  • 2026: Rs 1,86,340.70
  • 2028: Rs 2,29,230.20
  • 2030: Rs 2,88,630.40
  • 2035: Rs 4,35,530.30

MRF share price history last 10 years

YearMonthShare price (₹)

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Note: Readers are advised that the target price is based on our experience and technical analysis. It is only an estimated target value that may differ from the actual price at that time. Therefore, you are advised to do your research and consult with your financial advisor.

MRF Share Price Forecast 2024

In 2023, with our research and forecast system, the lowest share price target would be Rs 144,550.50 to Rs 148,000.20. The maximum target price for MRF shares may reach Rs 1,51,250.20 to Rs 1,53,250.30 at the end of the year.

TargetShare price (low)Share price (high)
Target-IRs 1,44,550.50Rs 1,48,000.20
Target-IIRs 1,51,250.20Rs 1,53,250.30

MRF Share Price Target 2025

According to our research and forecast system, the lowest share price target will be Rs 1,58,430.30 to Rs 1,63,350.30. At the end of the year, the maximum target price can reach from Rs 1,72,540.60 to Rs 1,78,720.10 by 2025.

Target-IRs 1,58,430.30Rs 1,63,350.30.
Target-IIRs 1,72,540.60Rs 1,78,720.10.

MRF Share Price Target 2026

In 2026, according to our forecast system, the lowest price target for MRF shares would be Rs 1,78,570.40 to Rs 1,81,450.90. And the maximum target price at the end of the year will be Rs 1,83,550.20 to Rs 1,86,620.80.

Target-IRs 1,78,570.40Rs 1,81,450.90
Target-IIRs 1,83,450.90Rs 1,86,620.20

MRF Share Price Target 2028

The minimum target price for MRF shares will be Rs 1,91,740.40 to Rs 1,98,520.30 in 2026. At the end of the year, the maximum price of the MRF share can reach Rs 2,18,450.20 to Rs 2,29,230.70 by 2028.

Target-IRs 1,91,740.40Rs 1,98,520.30
Target-IIRs 2,18,450.20Rs 2,29,230.70

MRF Share Price Target 2030

In 2030, according to our forecast system, the minimum MRF share price target is in the range of Rs 2,30,540.40 to Rs 2,48,780.30. Whereas the maximum target price will be Rs 2,56,620.50 to Rs 2,88,230.20.

Target-IRs 2,38,540.40Rs 2,48,780.30
Target-IIRs 2,56,620.50Rs 2,88,230.20

MRF Share Price Target 2035

In 2030, the minimum target price of MRF shares will be Rs 3,10,170.20 to Rs 3,32,140.10. In the middle of the year, the maximum target price will be Rs 3,64,540.30 to Rs 4,35,330.40.

Target-IRs 3,10,170.20Rs 3,32,140.10
Target-IIRs 3,64,540.30Rs 4,35,330.40

How to Buy MRF Stocks?

There are many popular brokers’ websites available, where you can open a Demat account to buy shares of MRF or others.

  • Submit KYC: Visit any stockbroker website and enter your details, such as name, date of birth, and address. Then submit.
  • Add funds: Once open your Demat account, you need to deposit funds in your account to trade.
  • Find MRF: To buy MRF shares, enter the name on the search bar, and you will find the ticker symbol of MRF Ltd, and add it.
  • Confirm order: Select the number of shares and proceed. Finally, pay and confirm your order.
Best Stock Broker Companies
  • SBI Securities
  • HDFC Securities
  • ICICI Direct
  • Angel One
  • Groww
  • UpStock
  • Axis Direct
  • Motilal Oswal

MRF Risk Factors

Various risk factors are involved with MRF, as it produces highly competitive products. Which may affect its financial performance in the market. Apart from this, many other factors can affect the company as well.

  • Market trends
  • Raw material
  • Management
  • Government law
  • Competition
  • Global crisis
Q: Can we buy MRF shares?

A: The share price of MRF is so high that a common investor cannot buy a single share. Currently, its share price is Rs 144,869.40.

Q: What is the current share price of MRF?

A: The current share price of MRF shares in January is Rs 144,557.50.

Q: What will be the target price of MRF Ltd shares in 2025?

A: The target share price of MRF will be Rs 1,63,450 to Rs 1,78,550.20 in 2025.

Q: Why is the share price of MRF so high?

A: Within a few years, its share prices have increased from Rs 7500 to Rs 94500 and have also outperformed. Because of this, it has a lot of demand in the market. Also, it is because of the yield, which makes the share price very expensive.

Q: What is the target price for MRF Shares in 2028?

A: The maximum target share price of MRF shares is Rs 2,18,450.20 to Rs 2,29,230.70 by 2028.

Q: What is the target price for MRF Shares in 2030?

A: The target share price of MRF shares is Rs 2,56,620.50 to Rs 2,88,230.20 by 2030.

Disclaimer: The target price on our website ( is for general information only. We are not SEBI-registered financial advisors and no part of the website content provided by us should be considered financial advice for your investments.

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