RattanIndia Enterprises share price target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030

RattanIndia Enterprises share Price target 2025

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited is the flagship company of the RattanIndia Group. The company’s innovative industry business focuses on technology including e-commerce, electric vehicles, fintech and drones.

Over the years, the company has expanded its business into various sectors and recorded a revenue of Rs 1,153 crore in Q4 2022. Currently, its net profit is negative, which it may be for a few months.

The company has strong growth potential in the coming years due to some of its business segments. And this stock can prove to be a good one for the long term.

In this article, we will predict RattanIndia Enterprises share price targets for the years 2024-2030. Which will be based on our experience, research and technical analysis.

RattanIndia Enterprises share price chart

Note: Be sure share price prediction is subject to various factors and uncertainties, so it should be considered as information and not as advice.

RattanIndia Enterprises – Overview

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited through its wholly-owned subsidiary Cocoblue Retail Limited is one of the largest online sellers across multiple product categories in India. Cocoblue Retail Limited is committed to helping brands grow and reach their true potential through digital channels.

Now, RatanIndia Enterprises Limited has completed the acquisition of Revolt Motors, which is involved in the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

It is also a pioneer in Fintech through BankSe, a digital loan marketplace offering instant personal loans, and two-wheeler loans to customers in partnership with leading Banks and NBFCs in India. The other is NeoSky India Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of RattanIndia Enterprises, a leader in the drone industry in India.

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Fundamentals of RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd

Company NameRattanIndia Enterprises Limited
IndustryE-Commerce, Electric Vehicles, Fintech and Drones
Primary ExchangeNSE/BSE
Market Cap₹ 5,245 Cr
Revenue (Q4 2022)₹ 1,153 Cr
Net Profit
Net Profit Margin
Dividend Yield
P/E Ratio12.41%
Debt to Equity2.35
52 Week Low59.65
52 Week High32.15
Face Value2
Official Websitehttps://rattanindia.com/

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2024-2030

Top market experts say that it should be included in the portfolio as it has strong growth potential and can give huge returns in 5 years of investment. Furthermore, they say, its share price in 2025 and 2030 could be Rs 85.25 and Rs 135.50, respectively.

StilI, it is essential to understand that the share prices target is challenging, as it is affected by markets, economic conditions, performance, and other factors.

Bankshala team has a different view and is going to provide below possible share price targets for RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd in coming years:

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YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price

RattanIndia Share Price Target 2024

Based on the company’s growth prospects and market conditions, Ratanindia Enterprises has a minimum share price of Rs 45.00 and a maximum target price of Rs 55.50 by end-2024. However, this share price may be affected by unforeseen events, market fluctuations, or changes in the company’s performance.

RattanIndia Share Price Target 2025

As per our research and technical analysis till 2025, Ratanindia Enterprises share price has upside potential with a minimum share price of Rs 60.30. And the maximum share price can be Rs 75.10 by the end of 2025.

RattanIndia Share Price Target 2026

By 2026, RattanIndia Enterprises share price may see further growth and the minimum share price may be Rs 70.20. And at year-end, RattanIndia Enterprises maximum share price target is Rs 85.30.

RattanIndia Share Price Target 2028

From a long-term perspective, RattanIndia Enterprises share price can witness sustained growth till 2028. At that time, considering the progress of the company and the market dynamics, the minimum share price is Rs 110.50. And at the end of the year, the share price of RattanIndia Enterprises can reach up to 130.40 by 2028.

RattanIndia Share Price Target 2030

Looking even further into the future, the share price of RattanIndia Enterprises is expected to see significant growth by 2030. Industry experts suggest that the lowest possible price for the stock could be Rs 175. But in our research and analysis, the maximum price for RattanIndia Enterprises share till 2030 is Rs 150.20.


What is the share price of RattanIndia Enterprises in 2025?

The share price target for RattanIndia Enterprises is Rs 60.30 to Rs 75.10 by 2025.

What is the maximum share price target for RattanIndia Enterprises in 2028?

The maximum share price target for RattanIndia Enterprises is Rs 110.50 to Rs 130.40 in 2028.

How to buy Ratanindia Enterprises shares?

To buy Ratanindia shares or other shares, you need to have a Demat account, which you can open through various brokerage platforms.

What is the minimum share price of RattanIndia Enterprises in 2030?

The minimum share price of RattanIndia Enterprises in 2030 is Rs 135.20 and the maximum share price is Rs 150.70.

What is the share price of RattanIndia Enterprises in June 2023?

At present, the share price of RattanIndia Enterprises in June 2023 is Rs 38.90.


RattanIndia Enterprises Limited stock is showing an uptrend in recent years and it has strong growth potential in future. Still, Investing in the stock market always involves risk, and predicting stock prices is a challenging task. The share price targets provided for RatanIndia Enterprises in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028 and 2030 are an estimated value that is subject to market fluctuations.

(Disclaimer: RattanIndia Enterprises’ share price target is for general information only. We are not SEBI-registered financial advisors and no part of the website content provided by us should be considered financial advice. Before investing in any company you should do your own research and consult your financial advisor).

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