Reliance Power Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030

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Reliance Power is a part of Reliance Group, founded by Anil Ambani. The company is dedicated to energy generation, in the following projects. These projects are coal, gas, solar energy, wind energy, and many other projects.

If we look at the past, the share price in 2013 was Rs 155.00, currently, it is trading at Rs 23.60 per share in the market. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the stock price is -7.40% over 10 years and 1% over 5 years.

However, in this forecast, we will predict its share price for the years 2024, 2025, 2028, 2030 and 2035. Forecasted share prices will be based on our experience, research, and technical analysis.

Reliance Power is engaged in the energy sector and has diverse projects such as coal, gas, solar, hydropower, and many other projects. In short, Reliance Power is part of the Reliance Group, which is engaged in power generation and coal exploration projects.

Reliance Power Share Price Target

Market analysts expect Reliance Power’s share price to remain positive in the coming years, with a target of Rs 58 to Rs 82 by 2025. In the long term, the return on equity is very low, it is 2% if you look over 10 years. Whatever, our research and analysis are mentioned below:

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According to our analysis, the minimum share price of Reliance Power in 2024 is Rs 36. At the same time, the maximum target price of Reliance shares by 2024 is Rs 56.

JanRs 32Rs 38
FebRs 34Rs 35
MarRs 30Rs 31
AprRs 35Rs 37
MayRs 37Rs 42
JunRs 39Rs 45
JulRs 42Rs 41
AugRs 36Rs 46
SepRs 42Rs 48
OctRs 41Rs 45
NovRs 45Rs 49
DecRs 48Rs 56


Based on our research and analysis, the highest target price for Reliance Power shares is Rs 58 to Rs 82 by 2025.

JanRs 58Rs 65
FebRs 62Rs 68
MarRs 58Rs 64
AprRs 68Rs 70
MayRs 70Rs 78
JunRs 66Rs 74
JulRs 74Rs 81
AugRs 72Rs 78
SepRs 69Rs 76
OctRs 73Rs 80
NovRs 72Rs 79
DecRs 76Rs 82


Reliance Power has been established to develop, construct and operate power projects both in India as well as internationally. The Company on its own and through its subsidiaries has a large portfolio of power generation capacity, both in operation as well as capacity under development. Read more about the company.

According to the official report, the company earned revenue of Rs 2131 crore in the quarter financial year Sept-23. Whereas the net profit is Rs -237.76 crore.


As per our forecast, the target price range for Reliance Power shares by 2026 is Rs 75 to Rs 115.

JanRs 75Rs 85
FebRs 78Rs 83
MarRs 83Rs 90
AprRs 80Rs 95
MayRs 88Rs 105
JunRs 93Rs 102
JulRs 86Rs 97
AugRs 91Rs 104
SepRs 88Rs 98
OctRs 96Rs 115
NovRs 85Rs 105
DecRs 94Rs 110


According to our technical analysis, the maximum target price for Reliance Power shares by 2028 is Rs 121 to Rs 164.

JanRs 121Rs 126
FebRs 126Rs 135
MarRs 122Rs 131
AprRs 132Rs 142
MayRs 128Rs 136
JunRs 126Rs 134
JulRs 134Rs 144
AugRs 142Rs 152
SepRs 138Rs 148
OctRs 128Rs 140
NovRs 135Rs 150
DecRs 148Rs 164


If we look at a long-term perspective, Reliance Power is bullish and the expected growth rate of shares for 6 years can be 34.80%. So, the highest target price by 2030 would be Rs 182 to Rs 215.

JanRs 154Rs 167
FebRs 166Rs 174
MarRs 158Rs 168
AprRs 162Rs 177
MayRs 170Rs 185
JunRs 166Rs 178
JulRs 156Rs 169
AugRs 168Rs 180
SepRs 175Rs 193
OctRs 180Rs 205
NovRs 178Rs 190
DecRs 182Rs 215


Based on our research, the highest target price for Reliance Power shares is Rs 302 to Rs 344 by 2035.

JanRs 262Rs 278
FebRs 245Rs 258
MarRs 236Rs 256
AprRs 255Rs 282
MayRs 274Rs 293
JunRs 266Rs 284
JulRs 282Rs 312
AugRs 295Rs 321
SepRs 300Rs 328
OctRs 286Rs 315
NovRs 295Rs 325
DecRs 302Rs 344
  • The stock is trading at 0.91 times its book value
  • The interest coverage ratio is low.
  • Promoter holding has decreased: – 0.50%
  • The company has recorded a poor sales growth of -4.69% over the last five years.
  • The company has a low return on equity of – 5.76% over the last 3 years.

Reliance Power Growth Rate:
Compounded Growth rateReturn on Equity (ROE)
TTM: – 64%TTM: -12%
3 Years: —3 Years: -6%
5 Years: —5 Years: -3%
10 Years: —10 Years: 2%
What will be the share price of Reliance Power in 2025?

The highest target price for Reliance Power shares is Rs 54 to Rs 82 by 2025

What is the highest target price of Reliance Power shares in 2028?

The maximum price of Reliance Power shares by 2028 will be Rs 121 to Rs 164.

What will be the share price of Reliance Power in 2030?

The estimated price of Reliance shares in 2030 will be Rs 154 to Rs 215.

What will be the target price of Reliance Power shares in 2035?

The target price of Reliance Power shares will be Rs 262 to Rs 344 by 2035.

Disclaimer: The target price is for general information only and does not constitute any form of financial advice. You should research and consult with your financial advisor.

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