Tata Credit Card Encash: Easy Money, How To Get Encash Online?

Tata credit card Encash is a loan offered by the Tata card for the users and can be avail of by phone call or through the official website of Tata card. To get it online, you must login with your username, password or registered mobile number and credit card details.

Tata Credit Card is a product of Tata Capital Financial Services associated with the State Bank of India, providing its customers with Encash, Easy money and other facilities.

So, if you are in financial trouble, this can be very beneficial for you. But I believe you should stay away from any loan and avoid a loan without a proper reason.

Still, a Tata credit card encash may be a good option if you need a loan. But, it will take time to deposit in your bank account.

About Tata Credit Card Encash

Encash is a type of cash, but it is not a cash amount; It can be a bank draft, bank cheque or bond of a certain amount. The payee needs to convert it into cash at the bank. Hence, it takes much longer to get deposited in the account than a direct money transfer through UPI or Net banking.

Similarly, they send a bank cheque to your address while you proceed online for tata credit card encash. After receiving encash, you need to submit it to the bank for credit in your account. However, the bank does not transfer the amount directly to your account.

“Encash is a pre-approved, money-on-demand facility offered to a select group of Tata Credit Cardholders. The amount of cash a cardholder will be eligible for can be more than the existing credit limit or within the existing credit limit on the card. The mode of disbursement of funds is through a payable-at-par cheque”.

How To Get Tata Credit Card Encash offer?

Tanta credit card is associated with the State bank of India and offers Encash loans. It is a pre-approved loan offered by the bank to the Tata SBI Credit cardholder. You will always get this Encash loan offer if you have a good credit score and pay your Tata credit card bills on time.

You don’t need to do anything for Tata Credit Card Cash Loan. If your credit score is good, the bank will send you an SMS or may call.

But, if you are interested in Tata Credit Card Encash and other loans, it is mentioned below. You must visit the official website and login by entering your registered mobile and credit card details.

But here, you can also create a user ID and password for login.

Tata Credit Card Login

Visit the official website at www.tatacacards.com, and click on Login:

tata credit card login

1: You will get three options to login, click on User ID and select Register Now. It will be completed in three simple steps, i.e. enter credit card details, enter OTP and generate your User ID and Password.

2: Enter your credit card details on the next page and click on Proceed.

3: You will get an OTP; enter OTP and click on Submit. After this, you must create your login credentials on the next page.

4: Create your User ID and Password, and click on Confirm. Otherwise, you can also login by entering your credit card details.

Tata Credit Card Loan Type

There are three types of Tata SBI credit card loan offers you can opt for in an emergency. The screenshot below shows the loan against your tata credit card and its features and benefits.

Tata Credit Card Encash
  1. Easy Money
  2. FlexiPay
  3. Encash

Tata Credit Card Easy Money

Tata SBI also offers “Easy Money” on your Tata Credit Card in an emergency. So, if you are willing to take a Tata Credit Card Easy Money, this step-by-step guide will help you.

Tata card Easy Money is an option in Tata SBI Credit Card where you can get any amount from Rs 5000/- to Rs 30,000/- on your credit card at any time. 

Tata Credit Card Easy Money

It will charge 2.45% per month for 45 days and 1.5% or Rs.199/-, whichever is higher. 

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What is Tata Card FlexiPay?

Tata Credit Card FlexiPay is an option where one needs to select the amount for Flexi Pay with tenure like three months, six months, twelve months, etc. Pre-approved Tata cardholders can avail of this facility; Bank will notify them through SMS or phone call. No additional documents are required for FlexiPay.

Tata Credit Card Flexy Pay

The minimum FlexiPay amount should be Rs 2,500, and the maximum amount varies from case to case. The tenure is 6/9/12/24 or even 36 months for amounts above Rs.30,000/-.

How to Get Encash Online?

Tata Credit Card Encash is a loan provided to you by Tata SBI, and you can take this loan as and when required. You are also informed about Encash through SMS or phone call. So if you need it, you can take it by phone call.

Furthermore, you can also place the request online by visiting the tata card official website. To avail of a Tata card Encash loan, you can login to your Tata card account. After login, you will find the Encash in the Offers section.

1: Log on to tatacard.com using your Tata Card Online User ID and Password. If you are eligible for Encash, you will see an “Encash” link under the Benefits section on the left navigation.

2: Click the link and enter the amount you want to book Encash.

2: Select amount and tenure, and click on Proceed.

3: You will get EMI, interest rate and other details. Click on Confirm.

Your request for Encash will be processed within three days for metro locations and five working days for all other areas. Bank will also send you a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number.

Tata Credit Card HelpLine Number: 39 02 34 56 ( with STD code) or 1860 180 1290.

Encash fees
  • The interest rate is applicable as per the current offer.
  • A one-time processing fee of 2%, a minimum of Rs. 499 and a maximum of Rs. 3,000 will be charged.
  • In case of your Encash booking foreclosure, a foreclosure fee of 3% will be charged on the outstanding principal.
Q: What is Encash in a Tata Credit Card?

A: Encash is a pre-approved, money-on-demand facility offered to a select group of Tata Credit Cardholders. The amount of cash a cardholder will be eligible for can be more than the existing credit limit or within the existing credit limit on the card. The mode of disbursement of funds is through a payable-at-par cheque.

Q: What are the minimum and maximum booking amounts for Encash?

A: The minimum booking amount for Encash is Rs. 10,000, which may vary in the case of specific offers. The maximum booking amount is based on the request on your account.

Q: Is there any processing fee for booking Tata card Encash?

A: A processing fee of 2% of the cash amount will be charged. Processing fee of at least Rs 499/- up to Rs3,000/-.

Q: How the Tata credit card Encash amount will be distributed?

A: Your encash amount will be disbursed in your name through a payable-at-par cheque, which will be sent to your registered address.

Q: What is Easy Money in a Tata Credit Card?

A: Easy money facility for Tata Card cardholders to avail of short-term funds at low-interest rates. The money will be delivered to your home in the form of a cheque.

Q: Can I apply for encashment on my add-on card?

A: You can apply for encashment only on your primary credit card.

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