How to Get a Refund of Your Overpaid Credit Card Bill

How to get a refund if you pay your credit card bill twice by mistake

It mostly happens if you have recently activated the Autopay function for credit card bills. Earlier, you had a practice of paying your credit card bill manually.

So, if you do this again for a credit card bill by mistake, your account will be debited through Autopay mode.

Now, how can you get the refund back into your account if this happens to you? There are no options for immediate refunding through net banking, mobile banking, or UPI.

It will be automatically credited to your account during the next billing cycle. So, you have to wait at least one month to get the refund. But, you have the option to get an instant refund; take a look below:

What is Credit Card Overpayment?

It will be an overpayment if you have paid more than your credit card bill amount. When you overpay for your credit card bills, the excess amount will show up in your account as a negative balance. You will not get any benefit in credit score for overpayment; it shows a negative balance as zero balances in your account.

So, if you have overpaid by mistake, it is better to get a refund immediately. For this, you have to follow the method mentioned earlier.

How to Get a Refund if you pay your Credit card bill twice by Mistake?

You can make a written request to the bank for a refund or call customer care. So, if your account is debited twice by mistake, call customer care; it is the best option, and you will get your refund within 72 hours. You have to call the customer care centre of the concerned bank.

They will ask to identify you, such as your name, credit card last number, registered mobile number, address or others. Do not provide the “CVV” number of your credit card; Even if you recently received OTP for some reason, don’t say OTP number.

They will proceed with your request immediately, and you will get your refund within three days. Presumably, they will charge a minimum of Rs 300 or something to process, as I did.

Customer care toll-free numbers

Below, we have shared all the credit card customer care numbers. You can contact them and proceed with the refund to your savings account before the billing cycle.

  1. SBI Customer Care: Toll-free- 1800-112-211/1800-425-3800 or 080-26599990
  2. HDFC Customer Care: 1800-202-6161 / 1860-267-6161
  3. ICICI Customer Care: 1860-120-7777
  4. Axis Bank Customer Care: 1860-419-5555/1860-500-5555
  5. CITI Bank Customer Care: 1860-210-2484 or + 91 22 4955 2484
  6. HSBC Customer Care: 1800-266-3456 /1800-120-4722
  7. Indian Bank Customer Care: 1800-425-0000
  8. Union Bank Customer Care: 1800-22-2244/1800-208-2244
  9. TATA SBI Card Customer Care: 800-112-211/1800-425-3800

How to Pay Credit Card Bill Online?

There are several ways you can pay your credit card bill online. But, check once which ones are more secure and more accessible.

  • Payment Apps: One of the best and easiest methods to pay credit card bills. There are various mobile payment applications available, such as PhonePe, GooglePay, PayTm and others, that you can use.
  • Mobile Banking: Every bank has its mobile banking app, which you can use for credit card bill payments.
  • Bill Desk: BillDesk is a one-stop online payment destination that helps customers pay various bills. But it’s not as user-friendly as PhonePe, Google Pay and BHIM UPI applications.
  • Branch Visit: You have to visit the concerned branch and pay your credit card bills at the counter.
  • Chequebook: This is the old way; You can use it, but you have to put it in the drop box or visit the branch for submission.
  • Net Banking: You have to activate net banking; After that, you can use it for bill payments and other banking services.
  • Official Site: It is also the best and safest option; You have to register in the respective bank portal to login. Some credit card providers like Tata SBI Credit Card provide these facilities.
How many days does it take for your account to be refunded?

It will take three business days to get the refund to your account.

How to Get a Refund if You Pay Credit Card Bill Twice?

There is no other way; you must call the concerned bank representative to get the refund.

Is Auto Pay Safe for Credit Card Bills?

Yes, you don’t need to remember when you have to pay the bill. However, you need to maintain a sufficient balance in your account.

Can I get any credit score for overpayments?

No, there is no good or bad thing, nor will it increase the credit score. This will be your negative balance in your credit card account.


If you accidentally pay your credit card bill twice, there is no online way to get an instant refund. To get an instant refund, you need to call customer service representatives, who will process your request. Otherwise, you can wait for the following credit card bill cycle. Then, it will be credited to your credit card bills.

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