Tata Power Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030

Tata power share price target

Tata Power is the largest integrated power company and has a presence in India as well as globally. The company is engaged in the generation, distribution, and transmission of electricity in India and other countries. The company showed amazing results in the last 3 years, its share price increased by 125.82%.

However, it has 12 million distribution consumers and a power generation capacity of 14076 MW. It was established in 1911 as Tata Hydro-Electric Power Supply and was the first company in India.

Over the years, the company has expanded its operations and diversified its power generation portfolio by including thermal, hydro, solar, and wind power. The company has given huge returns to its investors over the last few years.

At present, its share price is showing an upward trend and has increased by 50 per cent in just 3 months. In this forecast, we are going to predict the stock price from the year 2024 to 2030.


The company reported revenue of Rs 42,576.00 crore (28% growth) and a net profit margin of 4.07% (YoY) in FY23. Tata Power’s revenue grew 30.92% and earnings per share grew 29.83% over the previous year.

The company expanded its operations in several other countries, including South Africa, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Tata Power Share price history


Tata Power share price target 2023 to 2030

Tata Power’s share price target is the estimated value of the stock at a given point in time. It is based on our research, history, fundamentals, market trends and other factors.


The minimum share price target for Tata Power shares is Rs 355.40 and the maximum target price is Rs 395.60 by 2024.

  • Target-I: Rs 355.40
  • Target-II: Rs 395.60


Based on our research the minimum target price is Rs 425.70, whereas at the end of the year, the maximum target price of Tata Power shares is Rs 485.40.

  • Target-I: Rs 425.20
  • Target-II: Rs 485.40


In our forecast system, the minimum share price target for Tata Power shares is Rs 475.30. At the same time, the maximum target price of Tata Power shares is Rs 545.80 by 2026.

  • Target-I: Rs 475.70
  • Target-II: Rs 545.80


According to our research, the lowest target price by 2028 is Rs 685.50, while the highest target price for Tata Power shares is Rs 795.40.

  • Target-I: Rs 685.30
  • Target-II: Rs 795.40


The minimum target price for Tata Power shares is 965.30 and the maximum target price for Tata Power shares is 1115.20.

  • Target-I: Rs 965.60
  • Target-II: Rs 1115.20

Compounded Growth of Tata Power

YearSales growthProfit growth
Last Year29%51%
3 Years24%133%
5 Years15%45%
10 Years5%39%

Shareholding Pattern

As per the latest data, the shareholding pattern of Tata Power is as follows:

  • Promoters: 46.86%
  • Banks & Mutual Funds: 4.04%
  • General Public: 25.59%
  • Foreign Institutions: 9.64%
  • Financial Institutions: 10.59%
  • Others: 3.27%
Risk Factors

The target price is based on our research and experience, and it may differ from the actual price of the shares over time. The stock market is always at risk which is disrupted by financial laws, new entrants, and global crises.

Is Tata Power Share a Good to Buy?

There is no doubt that Tata Power shares have performed well over time. Tata Power Stock has done well with a 148% return in the last five years, so the long-term is undoubtedly a better option for investors than the short-term.

Q: What is the current share price of Tata Power?

A: The current share price of Tata Power is mentioned in the chart above.

What is the profit growth of Tata Power?

The company is expected to deliver good quarterly results. It has registered a profit growth of 44.9% CAGR over the last 5 years and also maintains a healthy dividend payout of 31.7%.

Q: What is the target price of Tata Power shares in 2025?

A: In 2025, as per our research and forecast system, the maximum share price target for Tata Power shares is Rs 425.20 to Rs 485.40.

Q: What is the dividend history of Tata Power stock?

A: Tata Power has been paying dividends to its shareholders for many years. The company has maintained a dividend payout ratio of around 26%.

Q: What will be the share price of Tata Power in 2030?

A: The maximum target price for Tata Power shares is Rs 965.60 to Rs 1115.20 by 2030.


Tata Power has a diversified portfolio of power generation assets such as coal, hydro, gas, renewable energy, etc. The company has done well for the last two years and has shown strong financial performance.
So for a long-term perspective in the power sector, you can consider Tata Power shares.

Disclaimer: The share price targets on our website (banksala.com) are for general information only. The content provided by us should not be considered financial advice for your investments. Before investing in any company, you should do your research and consult your financial advisor.

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