TV18 Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2035

TV18 share price target

TV18 Broadcast Ltd is a leading company in the media and entertainment sector and a subsidiary of Network 18. The company was incorporated in 2005 and engaged in broadcasting, digital content, and allied businesses.

The company derives its revenue from subscriptions as well as advertisements in the M&E sector and other services. According to the official reports, the company generated a revenue of Rs 3,185 crore in June 2023, up 151.06% YoY.

If we look at its one-year record, the company has shown good financial performance and the share price a rise of up to 17 percent. Whereas the net income increased by 31.7 percent to Rs 44.33 crore.

This article focuses on the future of TV18’s share price for the years 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, and 2030, as retail investors want to know the target price of the company in the coming years.

TV18 Broadcast Ltd Overview

TV18 Broadcast Limited is a unit of Network18 Group based in Mumbai. It operates various national channels in separate partnerships with NBCUniversal, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Paramount Global.

Additionally, in the regional sector, the group operates a Gujarati business news channel, CNBC Bazaar, a Marathi general news channel, and several other channels under the News18 brand.

TV18 and Viacom18 have formed a strategic joint venture called IndiaCast, a multi-platform content asset monetization to provide domestic and international channel distribution, placement services, and content syndication to a consortium of the group and third-party channels. Wikipedia.

TV18 Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026 2028, 2030, 2035

Market experts say that TV18’s share price will continue to grow steadily in the future and the expected price can be in the range of Rs.65.00 to Rs.75.00 by 2025.

Also, from a long-term perspective, you can expect lower returns. But, our forecast analysis for the year 2024 to 2030 is mentioned below:

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TV18 Share Price Target for the Year 2024

According to our forecast system, the maximum target price of TV18 shares is ₹68.00 to ₹86.00 by 2024.

Low₹60.00 to ₹72.00
High₹68.00 to ₹86.00

TV18 Share Price Target for the Year 2025

Based on several analyses, we have set the target price for TV18 shares at ₹127.00 to ₹143.00 by the end of 2025.

Low₹84.00 to ₹102.00
High₹127.00 to ₹143.00

TV18 Share Price Target for the Year 2026

In 2026, there is no huge upside in the share price and you can expect the share price to range from ₹154.00 to ₹165.00 in the middle of the year.

Low₹142.00 to ₹156.00
High₹154.00 to ₹165.00
TV18 share price forecast chart

TV18 Share Price Target for the Year 2028

For a long-term perspective, there are bullish trends and returns of up to 35% are expected. Therefore, we can expect the TV18 share price to range from Rs 205.00 to Rs 238.00 in 2028.

Low₹187.00 to ₹208.00
High₹205.00 to ₹238.00

TV18 Share Price Target for the Year 2030

Based on our analysis, the maximum share price of TV18 can reach the level of Rs 347.00 to Rs 383.00 by 2030.

Low₹316.00 to ₹341.00
High₹347.00 to ₹383.00

TV18 Share Price Target for the Year 2035

If you are planning for a long term, there are many other options available where you can get higher returns than TV18. We can expect the maximum price of TV18 shares in 2055 to be Rs 582.00 to Rs 658.00.


Compounded Growth Rate

YearSales GrowthProfit GrowthRoE
Last Year39%(negative)2%
3 Years5%(negative)9%
5 Years32%67%8%
10 Years13%20%4%
What is the target price for TV18 shares in 2025?

The target price for TV18 shares is Rs 127.00 to Rs143.00 by 2025.

How to buy TV18 shares?

You can buy TV18 shares by opening a demat/trading account through brokerage platforms like Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, Angel One, Sharekhan, and others.

What will be the share price of TV18 in 2028?

There is a bullish trend and it is expected that the share price may reach the level of Rs 205.00 to Rs 238.00 by 2028.

What is the target price of TV18 shares for 2030?

The maximum target price for TV18 shares is Rs 347.00 to Rs 383.00 in 2030.

Is TV18 good stock for the long term?

Since its history shows average returns over a long time, there is little potential for the stock price to rise in the future.

Disclaimer: TV18’s target price is for general information only and does not constitute investment advice. You should do thorough research, consider risk tolerance, and consult financial experts before investing.

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