How to Use UPI 123Pay without the Internet?

upi 123pay

UPI 123PAY is a service that allows money transfer through a feature phone without the internet. You can use this service if you have a feature phone. By using this feature, you can access all the UPI functionality on your feature phone without the internet.

The National Payment Corporation of India and Reserve Bank of India launched UPI on 9 March 2022. There are broadly four steps in UPI 123PAY that are required to complete the transaction.

The main motto is to empower more people to have a digital experience through feature phones. The digital banking system has to reach rural areas across India without the internet.

So, if you want to know more about UPI 123PAY, then this blog post will help you.

What is UPI 123PAY?

It is a solution developed for feature phone users without internet connectivity to use the UPI functions. This payment service allows you to send and request money, check balances, and perform other UPI functionalities. You don’t need internet for this, you just need a feature phone.

The RBI and NPCI launched UPI 123Pay for the digital payments ecosystem for all sections of society. So, it will be beneficial for all those sections of society who so far stayed away from digital services.

Here, you can transfer money without the internet through the feature phone in four ways, As per RBI’s press release, It includes four different payment options: Payment through an IVR number, missed call, functionality implemented by OEM and sound-based technology.

How to Use UPI 123PAY?

There are four types of methods to initiate and execute UPI transactions on feature phones without the internet. These are…

  1. App-Based Functionality
  2. Missed Call Pay
  3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  4. Proximity Sound-Based Payments

App-based pay

Digital Samadhan is a UPI app on a feature phone which will be a native payment app developed in embedded C language. The look and feel of this UPI app are similar to that of a smartphone-based app, though feature phones have some limitations. Currently, it may offer most of the UPI functionality except Scan and Pay, which are a work in progress.

Missed call pay

The missed call-based feature phone will allow users to access their bank account and perform regular transactions like receiving or transferring money, making purchases, bill payments, etc. by giving a missed call to the number displayed at the merchant’s location.

At the time of billing, the merchant will generate a token with the customer’s mobile number and the bill amount for his purchase. The customer can then give a missed call to the number set by the merchant. The customer will immediately receive an incoming call from 08071 800 800 asking to authenticate the transaction by entering the UPI PIN.

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IVR is one of the ways to do UPI transactions through feature phones. You must dial a number from your feature phone and hear voice menus for various services. Select the service you wish to use, validate the beneficiary and enter the UPI PIN for a successful transaction.

Phone No for IVR Payment:

  1. 080 4516 3666
  2. 080 4516 3581
  3. 6366 200 200

With IVR offering multiple language options, customers can avail of the service in their preferred languages. IDFC First Bank, City Union Bank and NSDL Payments Bank have gone live on IVR payments.

Proximity sound-based pay

The solution is proximity voice-based payment technology that uses sound waves to enable contactless, offline and proximity data communication on any device without the internet. Using Tonetag’s VoiceSe payment solution, you can tap any phone and make UPI payments to merchants.

Q: What is UPI 123Pay?

A: UPI 123Pay is a service launched by RBI and NPCI for UPI transactions through feature phones that do not require the internet.
Q: How To transfer funds without the Internet?
A: You have to use UPI 123Pay to transfer funds without the internet.

Q: Can I use UPI in a feature phone?

A: Yes, you can use the UPI through the UPI 123Pay service.

Q: When was UPI 123Pay launched?

A: UPI 123Pay was launched on 9th March 2022.

Q: Can I link multiple bank accounts with UPI 123Pay?

A: No, you can not link multiple bank accounts. To link a new bank account, you must de-register the previously linked bank account.

Q: How to Deactivate the UPI 123PAY?

A: Follow the below steps to disable UPI 123PAY:
1: You need to call the IVR number (A list of numbers is available on the website).
2: Go to Settings (Manage Your Account)
3: Click on the number which indicates Disabled.
4: Select the number.
You have successfully deactivated UPI 123PAY.

Q: Is UPI PIN required in UPI 123PAY?

A: While registering your account with UPI 123PAY, you need to set a 4-6 digit UPI PIN. You will have to enter a UPI PIN every time he makes a transaction. But, if you already have a UPI PIN, you can use the same UPI PIN.


This is the main objective of providing digital banking facilities to the people of rural areas where the availability of the internet and smartphone is scarce. 123Pay is a UPI function where you don’t need smartphones for fund transfers. You can send money on your feature without the internet. There are four ways mentioned above, you can transfer funds to other banks soon.

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