29 Benefits of Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards credit card

Capital one quicksilver rewards credit card

Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Credit cards offer rewards to the customer on purchases. It is beneficial for the user as they can earn money as a reward in their account.

Apart from cashback or rewards, there are many benefits of the Capital One Credit Card which we will cover in detail.

The best cashback offers you can get on hotel and rental car booking with this credit card. Besides cashback, you can earn also cash-back rewards on every purchase and get an instant cash bonus.

So, it is a user-friendly rewards program and customers get all these benefits. And it has zero annual fees and doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees either. Below, we have shared the top 29 benefits of this rewards credit card.

Benefits of Capital One Quicksilver cash rewards credit card

Capital One Quicksilver cash rewards credit card is a popular credit card that offers several benefits for users. The benefits are mentioned below check once:

1Card annual feesThere are no secret annual fees
2Rewards by Capital OneCapital One credit card offers decent rewards on purchase
3Foreign transaction feesThere is no foreign transaction fee
4Introductory APR periodIt offers an Intro APR period, it’s a limited-time offer,
once is over, that standard APR will be applied.
5Welcome cash bonusOne-time $200 cash bonus on purchases
of $500 within 3 months
6On hotel and car rental booking5% cash back on booking hotel and car rental
7Cashback percentage1.5 % on every purchase
8Rewards expiry dateNo expiry date for rewards
9Minimum Amount for RedemptionNo minimum amount limits for redemption
10Automatic redemption optionYou can choose your rewards automatically when you reach a certain limit
11Redeeming rewards InterfaceRedeeming rewards Interface is user friendly
12Earning opportunityUnlimited earning opportunity
13Sign up processVery simple, it provides a pre-qualification tool
14Redeem for cash backYou can redeem rewards by PayPal or Cheque at any time.
15APR penaltyCapital One charges late fees, your APR will remain the same
16Rental car protectionYou have coverage for damages if something happens to your rental car.
17Travel support servicesWith this credit card, you’ll get 24/7 support at no charge.
18Warranty benefitsIn all of your eligible purchases, you may qualify for an extended warranty.
19Custom alertYou can set up custom alerts on each purchase
20Fraud liabilityYou are free from unauthorized charges that are levied on your account or if your card is stolen
21Add an authorized userYou can add an authorised user to your account by calling Capital One
22Virtual AssistantEno (a virtual assistant) monitors your account and alerts you to suspicious activity
23CreditWise toolIt is a free tool, you can monitor your credit score
24Price protectionIf you buy something and later the price drops, you will receive a refund for the price difference between the products purchased.
25No purchase categoriesThere is no category of purchase to earn cash back
26Card match toolCapital One card match tool is an excellent tool for finding your rewards credit card offers
27Mobile appYou can manage your account through the Capital One mobile app
28Customer supportFor any issues, you can contact Capital One via phone call
29Account closingYou can close your account at any time by calling Capital One

Annual and Foreign Transaction fees

The best part for you is that you do not have to pay any annual and foreign transaction fees for using this credit card. It’s free for you and you can purchase anything anywhere without paying any annual or foreign fees.

Cashback offer

This is one of the best credit cards because it offers a cash rewards program, where you will get 1.5% cash back on every purchase anywhere. Apart from, 1.5% cash back, it also offers 5% cash back on hotels and rental cars. You’ll always earn cash back when you shop anywhere in the day-to-day store.

Rewards expiry date and minimum threshold

As long as you are a cardholder, the cashback account will not expire, so you will be able to earn and spend the cashback without worrying about the expiry date. So, there is no expiry date for rewards and a minimum threshold amount for withdrawal. You can transfer your cash back through PayPal or Cheque.

Intro APR period

This is a good option if you want to pay off the purchases over a specified time period without accumulating monthly interest charges. It provides 0% intro APR on purchases for 15 months and 17.99% to 27.99% APR after the intro period ends.

Welcome cash bonus

If you’re a new cardholder, you earn a one-time $200 cash bonus after you spend $500 within 3 months. Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card offers 1.5% Cash Back on every purchase.

Minimum redemption limit

No minimum redemption limits, which means you don’t need to wait until you reach a certain cash-back limit to access your rewards. You can avail of it at any time.

Fraud liability

You will not be responsible for any unauthorized charges made to your account, such as if your card is lost or stolen.

Price protection

Price Protection is valid for 120 days from the date of your purchase, and purchases must be made with your Capital One Quicksilver credit card. If you buy something and later the price drops, you will receive a refund for the price difference between the products purchased. There are claims limits, you can up to 4 claims per year and $250 per claim.

Check also:

Q: What is the minimum cashback of the Capital One Rewards credit card?

A: The minimum cashback is 1.5% for each purchase and 5% for hotel and car rentals.

Q: How does work Capital One reward program?

A: It is a very simple and user-friendly interface. You can withdraw your cash back through PayPal or Cheque. You have to link your account with PayPal.

Q: Does the Capital One Rewards Card charge users an annual fee?

A: There is no annual fee for the Capital One credit card user.

Q: Does the Capital One Credit Card charge any foreign transaction fees?

A: Capital One does not charge any foreign transaction fees. It is absolutely free for the customer.


The Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card is a popular card for its friendly interface, low maintenance and also offers good cash back. It has no annual fee and a 0% intro APR on purchases in a year, plus many other benefits and features. So it is one of the most attractive cards in the market for travellers or even general users as it offers 5% cash back on hotels and car rentals.

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