Qualcomm share price prediction: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030

Qualcomm is a multinational company and wireless tech innovator in improving communication skills around the world. It was founded in 1985 by Irwin M. Jacobs and seven other co-founders and is headquartered in San Diego, California, USA. The company has more than 41,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 30 countries.

The company’s primary business is the design and manufacture of semiconductors, processors and software for wireless communication devices like wireless networks, smart homes, smartphones, tablets and others.

Qualcomm has a strong reputation for innovation and research and created a number of wireless networks such as 3G, 4G, 5G and more. It also provides patent licensing and services for other companies in the wireless communications industry.

It is a publicly-traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. It has maintained a stable financial performance over the last 5 years and has shown an upward trend for quite some time.

Qualcomm stock has seen ups and downs over the past few years. right now, its share price is $123.70 and it can reach $137.50 at the end of the year. But In 2025, the trend suggests its share price may reach the top line of $155.30 to $165.50. And for the year 2026, it can reach $170.20 to $175.80.

Fundamentals of Qualcomm

The company reported total revenue of $42,958B for FY-22, up 19.21% over FY21, with an EPS of 10.46. A market cap of $138.68B, a gross margin of 57.22%, a net margin of 27.61%, and a P/E of 11.83. The table below gives you a brief overview of Qualcomm stock.

Company NameQualcomm
IndustryTech Industry
CountryUnited States
Primary ExchangeNASDAQ
Market Cap$137.93B
Net Income$2.87B (287.3 crores)
Net Profit Margin25.21%
Open (Feb-23)$125.46
Dividend Yield2.43%
Official Websitehttps://www.qualcomm.com/

If we look at its historical figures, the company has performed with steady revenue growth and profitability throughout the 10 years. However, the stock does not see any major upside momentum. In recent years, the company invests in 5G technology, which may increase the demand for its product and services.

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Qualcomm Business Segments

Generally, it is a profitable company in the long term, but, in similar segments of other companies and Qualcomm’s share price is showing a decline. It has three main business segments, these are Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT), Qualcomm Technology Licensing (QTL) and QSI (Qualcomm Strategic Initiatives).

Qualcomm’s “QCT and QLT” is the largest segment and generates revenue from the sale of semiconductor products for mobile devices. But, over the years, the QLT and QCL segments have seen a decline, which has led to an 11% YoY decline in QCL segment revenue and a 16% YoY decline for the QTL segment.

  • Qualcomm’s revenues declined by 12% in the fourth quarter of 2022 to reach $905 billion.
  • IoT Technologies revenue rose 7% due to edge networking from Wi-Fi access points and gateway routers.
  • Qualcomm’s “Snapdragon digital chassis” is powering the automotive segments, and the automotive segment is growing by 58% annually according to the company data.

Qualcomm’s share price prediction for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028 and 2030

Note: Qualcomm stock price prediction is based on our experience, in-depth research and forecasting system. No one can show accurate data and it may differ from the actual price of the share. But, we can estimate the share price targets of the companies.

Predictions for 2024

According to our research, the first target price is $130.30. And the second target price for Qualcomm shares is $140.20 to $145.60 by 2024.

Predictions for 2025

According to our experience, research and forecast system, the target price for Qualcomm shares in 2025 is $142.20 to $165.50.

Predictions for 2026

Based on our research, a share price target for Qualcomm is $150.40 to $180.40 by 2026.

Predictions for 2028

In 2028, according to our research and technical analysis, the share price target for Qualcomm is $185.40 to $225.90.

Predictions for 2030

Based on our analysis, the target price for Qualcomm shares is $220.30 to $295.50 by 2030.


Q: What is the Qualcomm share price target for 2025?

A: The estimated share price target for Qualcomm could be $142.20 to $155.10 in 2025.

Q: What is Qualcomm’s stock growth rate for the year 2024?

A: Qualcomm’s share price can reach $145.60 by February 2024. The average upside potential is 11.7% from the current share price of $130.30.

Q: What is the average PE ratio of Qualcomm in 2023?

A: The average PE ratio of Qualcomm is 11.92 in 2023.

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