What are SBI WhatsApp Banking Services?

SBI Whatsapp banking

The State Bank of India has introduced SBI WhatsApp Banking for customers, where the customer can check balances and mini statements. With this new service in SBI, customers do not visit the branch; they must register once. So, in this article, we have mentioned how you can do the same through WhatsApp banking.

The SBI official tweet says, “Your bank is now on WhatsApp. Get to know your account balance and view mini statements on the go”.

For more details, we have mentioned below how to check mini statements and account balances through the WhatsApp banking service.

How to register for WhatsApp banking?

To use WhatsApp banking services, you first need to register. It is one time you have to link your bank account with WhatsApp. Later, you can delink any time if you don’t want to use it. Below we have mentioned the step-by-step guide to registering.

Step 1: First, link the SBI WhatsApp number (90226 90226) in your contact list. To complete the registration process, send an SMS. type “WAREG<space>Account Number” and send it to 7208933148.

Step 2: After completing the registration, you are ready to use the SBI WhatsApp Banking services.

Step 3: You should save the following numbers in your contact list, i.e., 90226 90226 and 7208933148.

How to Activate Whatsapp Banking Service in SBI?

You can avail yourself of three Whatsapp Banking services through WhatsApp. You can de-register your account and check your account balance and mini statement.

To start SBI WhatsApp Banking, Send a message “Hi SBI” to this number 90226 90226. You will receive the following message.

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SBI Whatsapp banking service options

Dear customer,

Welcome to SBI WhatsApp Banking Services!

Please choose from any of the options below.

Get Balance

Get Mini Statement

Show More Options

Then you have to tap according to the service you want to get.

Check here for SBI Whatsapp banking guidelines.

About SBI Card Whatsapp?

Besides, State Bank also provides WhatsApp-based services to its credit card holders. Bank customers with an SBI credit card can use it to view their account overview, reward points, unpaid balances, and more.


How to check your balance and mini statement?

Type “Hi SBI” and Send it to 90226 90226. Select the first option to check the account balance and the second for the Mini Statement. And with the third option, you will get three options: “De-register, Close session, and Go to the Main menu”.

Q: Can I check my SBI account balance through Whatsapp?

A: You can check your account balance through Whatsapp. Send a message and select the first option to get the account balance.

Q: Can I get an SBI Mini Statement through WhatsApp?

A: To get SBI mini statement through WhatsApp, you need to send a message and choose the second option. Then, you will get your SBI Mini Statement.

Q: Can I de-register the SBI account from WhatsApp?

A: You can de-register your SBI account from Whatsapp. You need to send a message and select the third option. Your SBI account will be de-register.

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