Tata Elxsi share price target: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030

Tata Elxsi is a subsidiary of Tata Group based in India. The Tata Group is one of the largest conglomerates in India and the company is engaged in product engineering and design services.

The company specializes in technology and engineering solutions for various industries including automotive, media and communications, healthcare and industrial automation.

If we look at its past, the company has given huge returns of up to 971.42 per cent in just three years. The share price of the company was Rs 750.50 in 2020 and now it has jumped to Rs 7650.30.

Tata Elxsi is trending in the market and registered a revenue of Rs 844.38 crore in March 2023, up 22.17 per cent year-on-year. And net income is Rs 201.52 crore, up 25.94 per cent year-on-year.

In this forecast, we will forecast Tata Elxsi share price and target price for the years 2024-2030 based on our research, the company’s financial results, profitability, future outlook, debt ratio and other factors.

What does Tata Elxsi do?

Tata Elxsi is a multinational company of Tata Group and presence in over 35 locations in 15 countries worldwide. The company provides product design and engineering, systems integration and support services internationally.

Tata Elxsi operates through two segments, software development and services; and systems integration and support. The company also provides engineering services for connected, autonomous electric vehicles; consumer research, prototyping, and interior styling services; body and chassis systems and others.

Fundamentals of Tata Elxsi

The market cap of Tata Elaxsi is Rs 44,730 crores and the reported revenue is Rs 850.27 crore, up 17.14% (YoY) and the net profit is Rs 188.85 crore, up 2.24% YoY. Returns on equity (RoE) is 41.1 per cent and the face value is Rs 10.0.

Before estimating the share price we need to know the fundamentals of the company which are given below:

Compounded Growth of Tata Elxsi

YearSales growthProfit growth
3 Years25%43%
5 Years18%26%
10 Years18%38%

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Tata Elxsi share price forecast

Market experts suggest that Tata Elxsi’s share price is expected an upside move in the long term, which can be profitable for investors. The target price for Tata Elxsi shares is based on research and analysis.


It is expected that the share price shows an upside move and the targeted price for Tata Elxsi shares is Rs 7750.20 to Rs 7850.50 in 2024.

Target-IRs 7750.20
Target-IIRs 7850.50


As per our technical and fundamental analysis, the maximum target price for Tata Elxsi shares is Rs 8100.50 to 8350.40 during 2025.

Target-IRs 8100.50
Target-IIRs 8350.40


Our technical data shows an upside move in the next two years and an estimated target price of Rs 8450.30 to Rs 8700.50 in 2026 for Tata Elxsi shares.

Target-IRs 8450.30
Target-IIRs 8700.50


The maximum target price of Tata Elxsi shares is Rs 9250.50 to Rs 9525.20 by the end of 2028.

Target-IRs 9250.50
Target-IIRs 9525.20


Based on our research and forecast system, the target price for Tata Elxsi shares is Rs 9850.50 to Rs 10,500.20 by 2030.

Target-IRs 9850.50
Target-IIRs 10,500.20

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What is the future scope of Tata Elxsi?

Tata Elxsi has shown consistently strong financial performance and revenue growth over the years, so it could be a good option to add to the portfolio.

What is the target price for Tata Elxsi shares in 2025?

The share price target for Tata Elxsi shares is Rs 8100.50 to 8350.40 by 2025.

Is Tata Elxsi a blue-chip company?

According to a report, Tata Elxsi is a midcap company that has given more than double returns in a year, so it can be a blue chip company.

What is the target price for Tata Elxsi shares in 2030?

So, based on our research, the share price target for Tata Elxsi is Rs 9850.50 to Rs 10,500.20 by 2030.


Tata Elxsi’s strong financial performance, growth prospects and industry position make it an attractive investment opportunity. Its great design and technology service and customer-centric solutions in the market make Tata Elxsi a good option for long-term investors.

Disclaimer: Tata Elxsi’s share price target is for general information only. We are not SEBI-registered financial advisors and no part of the website content should be considered financial advice. Before investing do your own research and consult your financial advisor.

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