Teladoc Health stock forecast: 2025, 2028, 2030, 2035

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The company has shown a declining trend in the last three years and has not been able to deliver good returns. But, a few days ago it increased by 2.77 percent and again moved towards decline. So, naturally, investors cannot predict what the stock price will be in the future.

That’s why we are here to predict the stock price of Teladoc Health for the years 2024 to 2035 based on our research and analysis.

If we look at its past it shows a bearish sentiment, but the revenue growth increased by 10.00 per cent YoY. Similarly, the company also reduced losses (negative net income) by 97.9 per cent.

It may take time to gain profits and may prove bad in the near term, but now is a good time to buy. Top analysts estimate the stock price could rise as much as 25 per cent over the next 12 months. So, if we invest $100 it can reach $125 in the next 12 months.

Teladoc Health stock forecast

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The company has grown rapidly and its losses have reduced and revenues have increased by 10.21 percent. It will benefit from these trends and expect good returns in the long run. Based on our experience, research and technical analysis, the stock price could reach $35 by 2025.


Note: This is the expected stock price for Teladoc Health, not the exact price. This may change over time as the stock market is volatile. So, do your research well and consult your financial advisor.

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  • Low: $21.34
  • High: $26.12


  • Low: $28.21
  • High: $39.35


  • Low: $45.11
  • High: $54.23


  • Low: $61.10
  • High: $72.21


  • Low: $92.23
  • High: $108.50

Teladoc Health Fundamentals

Health is engaged in the virtual healthcare industry anywhere in the world. The company provide virtual care like primary, mental, chronic condition management and more. In recent years, demand for remote health services has increased and Teladoc Health’s stock financial performance has attracted investors.

Teladoc Health Recent News

The company recently announced its partnership with HingeHealth and SwordHealth to offer new musculoskeletal health options. Additionally, it has partnered with Amerigroup on diabetes management programs in Texas and Nebraska.

Teladoc Health’s Revenue CAGR


Teladoc Health Overview

Teladoc Health empowers everyone everywhere to live their healthiest lives by transforming the healthcare experience. The company leverages more than two decades of expertise and data-driven insights to meet the growing virtual care needs of consumers and healthcare professionals.

As a virtual care approach, Teladoc Health uses proprietary health signals and personalized interactions to drive better health outcomes across the entire continuum of care at every step of a person’s health journey. For more information, visit or follow @TeladocHealth on “X”.

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Risk Factors

There are several risk factors involved with Teladoc Health which are mentioned below:

  • Regulators: Changes in healthcare regulations could have a significant impact on the stock price.
  • Competition: Teladoc Health faces competition from other telehealth providers and traditional healthcare companies.
  • Technological advancements: If it is not able to keep up with advanced diagnostic tools and remote monitoring capabilities, its performance may suffer.

Investor opinion

  • Diversification: Diversify your investment portfolio to reduce risk across different assets and industries.
  • Long-term perspective: Plan long-term financial goals as short-term volatility is common in the stock market.
  • Research: Check Teladoc Health’s financial position, competitive position and growth prospects before investing.
  • Risk Tolerance: Assess your risk tolerance and invest accordingly. Stocks can be volatile, and it’s important to be prepared for volatility.


What will be the stock price of Teladic Health in 2025?

The highest stock price for Teladoc Health in 2025 is $28.21 to $39.35.

Can I expect good returns in Teladoc Health stock?

If you go with long term then you can expect good returns.

What will be highest stock price for Teladoc Health in 2030?

The maximum stock price for Teladoc Health could be $61.10 to $72.21 by 2030.

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