Biocon share price target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2035

Biocon share price target

Biocon Limited is a renowned biopharmaceutical company specializing in research and development services. Over the past few years, Biocon has seen steady growth in revenues and profits, which is a good indicator of its future growth prospects.

In this post, we will forecast Biocon Limited’s share price for 2024, 2025, 2028, 2030 to 2035 with our research and experience.

The company is listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). In 2024, Biocon share price may reach Rs 260.10 to Rs 290.50, but in 2025, we can expect its share price to be Rs 350.50.

However, the company has given good returns in 2021 to 2022. But, there is no big jump in the share price, but in the long run, we can expect good returns.

The target price is based on past data, research, technical analysis, and the opinions of our experienced team. Therefore, the estimated share price is not exact data, it is an estimated value of the share that we can expect.

Fundamentals of Biocon Limited

Biocon Limited is a popular established biopharmaceutical company based in Bengaluru, India. It was founded in 1978 by Kiran Muzumdar and also, and it is one of the first biotech companies in India.

It is listed on both the stock exchange, i.e. NSE and BSE. The company has developed a range of products and provides services that meet medical needs.

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Company NameBiocon Limited
Primary ExchangeNSE/BSE
Face Value5
P/E Ratio75.71
Debt to Equity0.61
Official Website

Biocon share price history for the last 5 years

In the below table, you can check the statistics of Biocon’s share price for the last 5 years i.e. from 2018 to 2022:

YearMonthLow (₹)High (₹)

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Note: The target price is based on our experience and technical analysis. The target price can never be accurate, it is only an estimated value. Therefore, you are advised to do your research and consult with your financial advisor.

Biocon share price chart

Biocon share price targets for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030 and 2035

YearTarget PriceChange
2024Rs 290.5011.73%
2025Rs 300.9015.73%
2026Rs 305.8525.10%
2027Rs 325.2542.65%
2028Rs 370.9057.79%
2029Rs 410.2571.15%
2030Rs 445.00150.11%
2032Rs 650.28209.69%
2035Rs 805.20221.23%


As per our live forecast system, the minimum Biocon share price in 2024 on NSE is Rs 268.10, and the average share price will be Rs 270.80. And the maximum share price can reach up to Rs 290.30 at the end of the year.

MonthLow (₹)High (₹)


According to our forecast system, the minimum price of Biocon shares in 2025 is Rs 355.10. At the same time, the maximum price of the share can reach Rs 390.50 at the end of 2025.

JanuaryRs 355.10Rs 375.30
FebruaryRs 350.20Rs 370.90
MarchRs 358.60Rs 371.45
AprilRs 360.50Rs 370.65
MayRs 355.25Rs 365.30
JuneRs 356.70Rs 365.95
JulyRs 360.95Rs 370.15
AugustRs 361.75Rs 372.80
SeptemberRs 360.70Rs 370.70
OctoberRs 362.65Rs 372.80
NovemberRs 360.30Rs 390.75
DecemberRs 363.45Rs 390.50

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Biocon share price forecast


in 2026, as per our live forecast system, the minimum Biocon share price on NSE will be Rs 375.50. Whereas the maximum share price can reach up to Rs 415.80 by the end of 2026.

MonthLow (₹)High (₹)
JanuaryRs 375.50Rs 405.80
FebruaryRs 385.50Rs 405.80
MarchRs 375.90Rs 400.40
AprilRs 380.50Rs 395.80
MayRs 385.10Rs 385.50
JuneRs 375.20Rs 390.70
JulyRs 375.90Rs 385.95
AugustRs 378.85Rs 398.10
SeptemberRs 380.20Rs 400.40
OctoberRs 375.40Rs 405.80
NovemberRs 385.50Rs 415.50
DecemberRs 390.95Rs 400.90


According to the recent market trend and forecast system, the minimum price of Biocon shares on NSE/BSE in 2028 will be in the range of Rs 395.30 to Rs 490.60. While the maximum price of Biocone shares can reach Rs 525.70 by 2028.

JanuaryRs 390.60Rs 445.20
FebruaryRs 395.60Rs 455.70
MarchRs 400.95Rs 440.10
AprilRs 405.85Rs 475.80
MayRs 495.85Rs 525.90
JuneRs 455.85Rs 510.80
JulyRs 465.20Rs 525.15
AugustRs 450.35Rs 505.35
SeptemberRs 440.25Rs 510.65
OctoberRs 450.60Rs 520.55
NovemberRs 475.95Rs 515.35
DecemberRs 485.95Rs 525.85

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According to our research and analysis, the lowest price of Biocon shares in 2030 will be Rs 532.60 and the average share price will be Rs 545.40. Whereas the maximum price of Biocon shares can reach Rs 625.70 by 2030.

JanuaryRs 532.60Rs 575.70
FebruaryRs 542.20Rs 565.15
MarchRs 545.10Rs 585.95
AprilRs 555.40Rs 575.70
MayRs 535.70Rs 570.35
JuneRs 560.20Rs 595.10
JulyRs 545.90Rs 580.35
AugustRs 570.10Rs 605.10
SeptemberRs 548.55Rs 557.25
OctoberRs 542.10Rs 570.40
NovemberRs 600.50Rs 625.45
DecemberRs 542.20Rs 570.90


As per our live forecast system and research, the minimum Biocon share price in 2035 will be Rs 815.40 to Rs 850.30. At the end of the year, the maximum price of Biocon’s share can reach Rs 925.10.

JanuaryRs 815.40Rs 435.80
FebruaryRs 820.60Rs 855.60
MarchRs 835.40Rs 865.10
AprilRs 850.80Rs 883.10
MayRs 845.60Rs 870.50
JuneRs 840.20Rs 865.20
JulyRs 865.40Rs 875.70
AugustRs 870.50Rs 895.80
SeptemberRs 875.20Rs 915.30
OctoberRs 890.70Rs 925.50
NovemberRs 870.60Rs 900.70
DecemberRs 885.50Rs 915.00
Biocon Stock Risk Factors

There are several reasons- like competition, industry trends, government laws, financial performance, global crisis, etc.

  • Competition: This is one factor that can affect any company when there is heavy competition in the market.
  • Industry Trends: It is the demand and supply in the market that play an important role in the market, occurring due to many reasons in the world.
  • Govt-Laws: Changes in government laws, if they go against the companies, affect the financial performance of the company.
  • Performances: There may be various internal and external reasons that can affect the performance of the company.
  • Global Crisis: It is rare, yet, the risk remains with any industry.

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Q: What will be the maximum share price of Biocon in 2028?

A: As per our research and forecast system, the estimated maximum price of Biocon shares in 2028 will be Rs 395.30 to Rs 490.60.

Q: What will be the maximum price of Biocon shares in 2025?

A: As per our forecast system and its records, the maximum price of Biocon shares will be Rs 390.50 in 2025.

Q: Is Biocon stock good for long-term investment?

A: If you look at its record, Biocon’s stock has not shown any significant growth. Still, you can expect a minimum return without any loss. But it is best to consult your financial experts.

Q: What will be the maximum price of Biocon shares in 2030?

A: According to our analysis, the estimated maximum price of Biocon shares in 2030 will be Rs Rs 625.45.

Disclaimer: The stock price predictions on our website ( are for general information only. We are not SEBI-registered financial advisors and no part of the website content should be considered financial advice for your investments. Before investing in any company you should consult your financial advisor.

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